Tokisaki Kurumi









Hair color


Eye color

Red (right), Yellow (left)





Early historyEdit

Tokisaki was born in the Andromeda galaxy on an unspecified planet. Her parents taught her how to use her spiritual powers which she eventually used to kill them with, a traditional sign of loyalty to the Vagan Empire. She rose in the ranks and was known for her skilled piloting. 

Gen 2Edit

During the 15 years that passed in the primerverse, the Vagan discovered the UCR. She and the main Vagan fleet attacked a number of UCR forces, inflicting high losses for the UCR each time. At some point during the war Toki fought Kari, who nearly lost, if not for Anthony who intervened. In the waning days of the brief war, Kurumi fought in the final engagements against the UCR. When the empire collapsed, she and her mobile suit were captured, though she escaped the clutches of the UCR fairly quickly. She remained on Eden for a period of time, spending her time with other criminals and killing innocents. Around this time she found Jack, a murderer that she easily disagreed with yet kept returning to.

While she was on Eden a team of Orb soldiers attempted to capture her for a project developed by ARGUS. The team was easily dispatched but Orb also sent Asakura, a somewhat more skilled participant and captured her. Toki was paired with Asakura and two other members, a Merc named Seele and Jack. They were sent to Amber, a UCR planet that had fallen to some strange infection of necromorphs. Having found some survivors the team got off the planet. But in the middle of escaping Asakura peeled off Seele's mask, revealing Anthony. Following the mission Kurumi and Asakura were allowed to leave the Suicide Squad; returning to murdering random innocents on a number of planets on UCR planets. 

Several months after ARGUS, Toki confronted Anthony again and went after him one last time. She agreed to stop going after him, chiding him for his refusal to be a part of something greater than he would ever likely do.

The future pastEdit

A group of kids claiming to be from the future came, dragging along with them Anthony. They convinced at least Toki if only because the girls were cute. She was eaten by Cell and spat out. 

Toki and Jack had a child together, Catherine - for real this time.


Tokisaki can stop, slow or accelerate time as her main magical power as a spirit. She can create a clone of herself which she has used for espionage. She can also travel through time and she can use a power called Nightmare to cause stimulant to the brain to take advantage of a persons fears, causing the affected person to kill themselves. Another use is to take control of others either first by taking their souls and taking over as host or to slowly use the nightmare stimulant to make the host a vegetable; Kurumi has used the latter method once so that she could wander without being apprehended.


Besides her magic abilities and pistols, Toki uses an assortment of weapons and numerous outfits to avoid authorities and to sneak into places.


Kurumi can be quite unpredictable and erratic making her particularly dangerous as every encounter can vary greatly. She has an art for blending in, allowing her to evade capture from the numerous law enforcement agencies after her; her cute appearance helps. She can be a very cruel to her enemies and enjoys the sport of killing.


  • Anthony - It isn't clear as to WHY Toki loved him, simply that she does. Their relationship is unrequited largely due to Toki killing off both his girlfriends and Anthonys general dislike for her though Toki keeps trying fruitlessly. The disdain is now mutual.
  • Jack - Now this one is an oddball. They started off trying to kill each other, then work together, ask one another for favors, kill each other. Yet Jack seems to keep coming back.