"To defeat an enemy, you must know them."

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Grand Admiral Thrawn


Orb Union


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ONV Executor

Grand Admiral Thrawn is the highest-ranking member in the Orb Union's ADVENT division and one of the highest officials in the entire Union. His fleet is a combination of Orb Union and ADVENT Coalition vessels, his flagship being the ADVENT-made AKO Vigilant. In 2580, however, Thrawn became the flag officer of ONV Executor.

As is becoming typical among Orb commanders, Thrawn serves in both the Orb Military and the ADVENT Coalition Armed Forces. He holds dual citizenship for Helios and Mandalore.


Thrawn was born on Helios to two Chiss parents that worked with the government under then-Chief Representative Gordon Sato. He joined the Orb Military when he turned 18 through the Naval Academy and entered active duty as a Second Lieutenant at 22.

Due to Thrawn's far above average tactics and strategies (and in part the limited size of the military), he rapidly progressed through the Navy's ranks. By the time Mandalore joined the Orb Union in 2573, Thrawn, then a High Admiral, was appointed to the chief of the Union's Mandalorian fleet.

By 2578, however, now-Grand Admiral Thrawn kept his distance from the Mandalorian Civil War until its end three months later. During his tenure as Orb's military representative to Mandalore, Thrawn had gained trust within the ADVENT conspiracy and was the ideal leader of their military. Putting him in charge acted as a gesture of trust while also establishing powerful leadership.