Thomas Stark


17th May










  • Space scavenger (formly)
  • Avenger


Iron Warrior suit



 Thomas was a space scavanger who came across the destroyed remains of A.L.I.E.N's Mk III Iron Man Armour.


Thomas is somewhat of a genius considering the lack of normal education he got as a child. He is a master with machines and technology which surrounded him when he was younger. Despite this Thomas rarely takes things seriously and mosty will make sarcastic remarks towards possbile threats.


Thomas grew up in space abaord his fathers scrapping ship, at a young age Thomas learned how to work machinary and create it easily and after his fathers death he took up the space scavenging buisness. When scavenging an unkown planet which was formerlly the planet the UNSC Zeus crashed on he found the remains of a destroyed suit (which turns out to be the remains of the Mk III Iron Mansuit). He managed to repair the suit and get it back into working order, he also made some upgrades to it and uses it for repairs around his ship and sometimes to fight off space pierates who wish to steal his cargo.

Recently he had been recruited by a S.W.O.R.D agent to join the Avengers Initiative, a team dedicated to fighting against universal threats. During this time, he fought the evil machine machine V2 and with the rest of the group, defeated him. He currently lives with the group on a S.W.O.R.D helicarrier.

Iron Warrior Edit

Anthony Stark (Earth-616) by Granov 002 (cut)

The Iron Warrior Suit.

The Iron Warrior suit was created and upgraded from the remains of the Mk III Iron Man armor that was left on the planet after Danthrall ship crashed there. Thomas made countless upgrades to the suits systems and weaponry but he mainly uses it for ship repairs rather than actual battle. The suit is able to fold up and be stored in a backpack like device and can be easily reassembled when needed. It is powered by an upgraded Arc Reactor and has a fin layer of anti-electric counter measure shielding unlike the orginal suit. The suit is also able to operate in space and high pressure locations

The Iron Warrior keeps the orginal suits main weaponry such as the repulsor rays in both hands and the uni-beam which can be fired from the chest reactor core. It has also now been equipped with a wrist-mounted armour piercing taser gun, hacking units, a UV laser and wrist mounted missles.