Full Title

The Goddess of Creativity

Other Titles

  • Painter of Lost Worlds




Lesser God


  • Skyverse
  • The Eight Gods and Goddess of Skyverse
  • The Painted Worlds

A lesser god and patron deity of creativity within Skyverse pantheon of gods. She is responsibly for maintaining the painted worlds, pocket dimension she created through her paintings.


Though passionate about her work, Thessia is very quiet because, more often than not, she is lost in thought, thinking about what she should paint next. She can appear ill-focused at time as her mind wonders often, however once Thessia has painting in her mind she will focus on it and it alone until it is complete. She finds inspirations in many things, but one of her biggest inspirations is Ami, as she finds Ami's creation of the skyverse comparable to that of an artist working on a blank canvas.


Early HistoryEdit

The Goddess of Creativity was a fairly unknown entity for a long time within the Skyverse, not really appearing until just after the Maribund War. One of the first major contribution she did for the Skyverse was create a beautiful painting and, due to her ability, by extension creating The Painted World of Ariamis, a pocket dimension that exists within the canvas.

Years after her first painting Thessia would then paint a second similar painting, that of The Land of Ariandel, a world that the gods have since used to banish beings or hide valuable items.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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