Chameleon arch pocket watch by xxhazelwolfxx-d51xwtx

The Watches of Time are the collective term for five individual watches that were owned by The God of Time. Each watch has a small fragment of the gods soul within them, and thus, is capable of manipulating time.

Though they appear as stop watches, they only do so for the benefit of their owner and are capable of taking any form or none at all, existing outside of space and time and only appearing when their power is being used.

The watches have multiple functions, namely those that mirror that of their creator. Their main function is the ability to freeze time. They are also capable of speeding up and slowing time, "skipping time" and many other functions that are not obvious to its wielder.

When the God of Time was captured by The Denizen, the god activated the watches countermeasure to prevent them from falling into the hands of the void god. This fail safe scattered the five watches across time and space, even going as far to transport some to the prime universe.

Since being scattered the watches have since found themselves in the hands of humans. The watches bond to the souls of those who use them, allowing them to activate their affects without even physically touching them. However, humans are incapable of using the watches without suffering great strain on their bodies and thus, they must find means in which to prevent this if they wish to use the watches power.

Known UsersEdit

The current known owners of the watches are:

Tokisaki Kurumi, a serial killer who consumes souls in order to counter the watches strain.

Margaret Ravencroft, a maid from the Victorian era who died using her watch to much. However, since the watch had bonded to her soul, it remains with her in Hell where she works for The God of Darkness.

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