"Volks are ready... for what its worth" - A rising in popularity Volks Sgt.

"When the war began they told me I was too old to fight, now they need me. This is MY chance to make my country proud"

The People Edit

During the civil war of Exon the ERA was spread thin and needed more people one the front to fight along side them. They started recruiting people 17 and older and people who were otherwise too old to fight for Exon previously for what Exon affectionatly call the Volk (german translation: The People) to fight for Exon in her darkest hours.

A Sgt of the Volk.

Training Edit

The Volks has little to no combat experience and are poorly trained and ill equiped usually fighting with noting but mosins and if they're lucky a couple grendades.

Composition Edit

The volk are arranged in squads of 8. The volk is made up entirely of recovered old veterans that were retired and young recruits. Sangheilios, brutes, and mostly humans make up the volk.

Battles Edit

The Exon Rebellion and Civil War - The Volk were first introduced.