The Void is an alternate dimension comparable to Skyverse that "hungers for a representational, godlike entity.". It is home to multiple gods, however, unlike Skyverse these gods were created from beings originating from alternate universes, often taken at their lowest and darkest moments and transformed into hideous atrocities that only seek to destroy the lives on others.

Known EntitiesEdit

The DenizenEdit

A god of vengeful rage and determination to punish the one who betrayed her, the Denizen is a notable void god for her persistent goal of destroying the same being in each universe she comes across.

Betrayed in her past life by the one she loved, Denizen sought the void in her hour to need, and from that moment her path in life was set. She seeks universes for alternate versions of the one who doomed her, the punishes them beyond reason.

She is known to seek being similar to herself, betrayed by the ones they loved and in desperate need of help. The Denizen gifts these lost souls with her power, and in turn they join her crusade to torment the one who wronged her.

Denizen eventually met her end by the hands of Leonard Churchill Mas7er, her soul sealed within the Infinity Blade.

The Taken KingEdit

[Church write this]

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