Trading Republic of Miridem
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June 8th, 2576


  • Miridem City, Miridem



Standard Language

English, Russian


At least 10 Billion


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 The Trading Republic of Miridem was a Democratic Republic located in the North Western quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy.


Founding The Republic first started as the trading hub for the former GoH before it's annexation by Exon. After Exon (with pressure from the Recently formed New United Nations) made the decision to allow the GoH 

Future City Concept by frenic

Mirdem City, the Capital of the Republic

independent again, the Government was reformed into the Trading Republic of Miridem, and quickly assimilated many of the former GoH worlds into it's sphere of influence. Stevens Caranci was appointed the first Prime Minister of the Republic and Commander-in-Chief of the Military, and Peterson Snow was appointed General of the Army, although Peterson has had a large amount of public support.

Shortly after it's reformation, the Republic became the fourth faction to join the New United Nations, and later on became the first faction to leave the New United Nations.

Miridem Civil WarEdit

Stevens' son, Robert Caranci was involved in an affair with the wife one of the Paramounts of the TRM. Having learned about the affair, the Paramount confronted Stevens Caranci about the affair, and demanded that Robert should pay, only to be assassinated by Caranci's assassins in order to protect his son.

Having learned of the assassination of the Paramount, Peterson confronted the Prime Minister, disagreeing with the way he handled the situation. Seeing Peterson as a threat to his power, Caranci also ordered the assassination of Peterson. However, Peterson's live was saved by Light, who was also accompanied by her guards, managed to hold off and kill all of the assassins. Having survive the attempt on his life, and supported by his subordinates, Peterson decided to stage a coup d'etat to avenge his friend, and to remove Caranci from power.

Receiving large amounts of support from the military, Peterson launched his assault of Government loyalist, quickly gaining the upper hand in the first few weeks, and stretching the Loyalist Forces thin. However, Peterson's coup would meet it's end by the involvement of several elements of the UCR Armed Forces in support of the Government Loyalists. Within a few months, the Coup was brought to an end when Peterson was captured by the UCR's Circe Unit.

Provisional Government and Peterson's rise to PowerEdit

After the War, the UCR established a temporary provisional government to over see the reconstruction effort. However, Public support for Peterson grew, and instability was expected in the region. Wanting a strong, united ally in the North Western quadrant, the UCR made an unexpected move. They released Peterson, and appointed him the new Prime Minister. The region was quickly stabilized, and reformations were quickly underway under Peterson's administration.

Changing sides once moreEdit

Peter Snow II assumed leadership of the TRM following the supposedly death of his father Peterson. He requested a diplomatic meeting with Sangheilios and within 24 hours became allied with the Sangheili, forced a CMF withdrawal and drew the ire of the NUNS and Exon. It then further deteriorated any relations with the international community by using tactical nuclear arms against a small Arachnid outbreak, causing the death of 4,000 civilians and disarray within the central government.

A unidentified enemy attacked a mining colony and contact has since been lost. A distress message was received by Exon but as of July 2577, no action has been taken.


With dissent at it's highest, the colonies of Miridem revolted against their trigger happy, genocidal, technologocially backwards oppressors. The Central Galactic Empire intervened in the name of Freedom and Democracy. Little Rock finally fell on July 21st, 2577 when TRM forces turned on their superiors and opened up the trove of secrets. UNSC and Exon peacekeepers have taken in refugees to safety. 


For the Exon controlled parts of the TRM, its Red Army's presence ensures the safety of Miridem. It is very likely that citizens are conscripted into the regular ranks and with no short supply of prisoners, almost certainly penal battalions for the needs of the Red Army. 

On the UEG side a somewhat coherent force is being assembled so that Miridem can hold its own for once.

TRM Military pre-freedom
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The Miridem Republican Military (MRM) is the Military body of the Republic, tasked with defending the Republic's planets from inside and outside threats. Military is comprised of three branches, and with three sub-branches. It is commanded by the Commander-in-Chief. There are currently 8 million active personal, with 7 million in reserves.

Miridem Republican Ground ForcesEdit

The Miridem Republican Ground Forces (MRGF) is the branch responsible for land based operations on the TRM Worlds, whether it be Offensive, Defensive, or relief efforts. The Ground Forces is the largest branch of the Military, with 5 million active service members. The Ground Forces are supplemented by the Republican Guard, who are tasked with VIP escort and the protection of important Government sites.

Miridem Republican Space ForcesEdit

The Miridem Republican Space Forces (MRSF) is the Space Borne branch of the Military, responsible for patrolling TRM Territories, protection of TRM Merchant assets, as well as the defense of territories and the transportation of personal and equipment. The Space Forces are supplemented by the Naval Aviation Arm, as well as Naval Infantry. Naval forces are currently at reduced capacity due to the loss of NUNS support and CGE restricting their ability to operate outside of local defense.

Miridem Republican Special Warfare and Command GroupEdit

The Miridem Republican Special Warfare and Command Group (MRSWCG) is the group responsible for much, if not all of the TRM's Special Operation forces, tasked with carrying out acts of unconventional warfare, as well as recon, counter-espionage, sabotage, assassinations, and VIP/POW Rescue. The Special Forces has been disbanded due to the depletion of its ranks through treason.


  • Miridem: The capital world of the Republic, home to a little more than a billion and a half people following the civil war. The former center of power and a city of extravagant wealth at least by their standards. It remains a important planet to the Republic of Miridem despite a downturn in trade.
  • Westerlands: Formerly a stronghold of the Miridem military and then the rebel faction. What remain today are ruins of a failed resistance overshadowed by prefabricated skyscrapers.
  • Winterfell: A cold and harsh colony of little worth. Prisoners are sent here to be forgotten.
  • Stormlands: A port colony formerly occupied by the NUNS and TRM. It is a Exon controlled planet. Some element of unaligned force exist but pose little threat overall.
  • Little Rock: A artificial world created by the Forerunners millennia ago. It contains some Forerunner technology sought by Exon and the UEG.
  • Sigma: The colony has one remaining major city following the civil war and a large tower that is now used for military purposes. Around it is a network of walls that supposedly protect it from something.


The Trading Republic of Miridem obviously relies on interstellar trade. Its in the name. Following the civil war some trade continued with the Spacey however at a decreased level. Many towns were converted to manufacturing plants to suit the needs of the Exon and UNSC war machines. A booming prostitution business exists particularly where the occupational forces are, as well as the rise of foreign run criminal organizations.


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