Third Prototype 2

The Third Prototype is a character in rp. He was accidentally created when Alex Mercer was fighting Cole Mcgrath, spawned from an electric discharge into a puddle of Mercer's biomass. The electricity mutated the virus much faster and made it more powerful than Mercer and Heller had already been; it was able to take form even before consuming a person for it to use as it's main guise. The character has no name, and there are no records of the name of the man he consumed.

On first encounter, he seemed to be a simple military commando with blonde hair, wearing a black leather jacket over his bulletproof vest, which held a pair of pistols to it with straps. However, closer examination revealed otherwise; he was a highly altered form of the Blacklight Virus, possibly one of the more powerful beings in existance and the second-most powerful Blacklight being.

Weapon SkillsEdit

This character, like Heller and Mercer, was Proficient in the use of Firearms. He was able to wield a pair of M16s and tear up an entire squad alone. Accuricy with a Sniper Rifle was also better than Mercer or Heller, since neither of the other two consumed a Marksman. Rocket and Grenade launching skills were also high, and he is a far better driver/Pilot of any vehicle, Military or Civilian, than the other two beings.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like Mercer and Heller, The Third Prototype was a Shapeshifter, and had powerful regeneration abilities. His
Third Prototype 1
Strength was far greater than Mercer or Heller, and he was Faster than them, too. He could survive a fall from Any height, similar to them, and could shapeshift his limbs into a number of different forms, including weapons. Like Heller and Mercer, he could shift his arms into Claws, Hammerfists, Blades, Whipfists, and Shields, and could deploy Tendrils as well. Instead of the Chintin-like Black of the Default Mercer, the Dirty, Bloody Brown like the reduced Mercer, or the Pulsing, Glowing Orange of the Mutated Mercer and Heller, This Blacklight Being's powers were colered in a Black and Yellow Pattern. Unlike Mercer and Heller, His blood was Yellow in color, and had evolved to be Corrosive. He had a greater ability to erupt spikes, spines, or tendrils from any point of his body than Mercer or Heller, and could more easily make holes or tear his body apart than Mercer or Heller. Also unlike Mercer or Heller, this being somehow managed not only to mutate a Plated vest of Bulletproof Armor, but also a Pair of Pistols into his form. Since his pistols here a part of his anatomy, they could only be used by him, unless tampered with by either Mercer or Heller, and had infinite ammo, using very little of his biomass. He could also, using samples of his corrosive blood, vaporize people with a simple touch.