Andromedan Expansion Edit

After an incursion by Exon Red Army forces as a part of the Andromedan Coalition, the ERA invaded a small colony world for information regarding the rest of Andromeda. The Cornerian Military responded a day later with a diplomatic vessel but after finding information regarding the missing colonists the CCCP Sulaco II had no choice but the shoot the vessel down and obtain flight records for the vessel. After a very short and somewhat embarrassing war for the Cornerians, they agreed to join the Central Galactic Empire.

CGE Edit

As per the charter, it specifically calls for Corneria to seize its arms and dispose of them properly. The Exon Red Army will occupy the planets until it is considered safe for industry and mining to be set up on the planets. The Cornerians will also hand over its naval ships for inspection or disassembly for proper modernization and a complete unconditional surrender from the armed forces of Corneria as a whole until they can be retrained and properly equipped. Instead of a hostile takeover however the Cornerians will be allowed into the CGE with minimal bloodshed.


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