The Society
Every light casts a shadow.

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 The Society of Mutual Benefit (also known colloquially as The Society) is a group of living remnants from the decimated reality of the Evil'verse. Brought together by Todd Zimmerman, in an effort to stake a claim to the universe and act as an opposing force to their Prime counterparts.



  • Todd Zimmerman: The mastermind behind the formation of the Society. A former cultist turned Denizen-possessed monstrosity, he knows more than he lets on.
  • Architect of Enthralled Memories: The sole living Forerunner from the Evil'verse, his presence in the Prime Reality causes untold complications in dead machinery and long forgotten ghosts. As the current ruler of Elrios he provides a base of operations for the Society.
  • Rtas 'Chavam: A Sangheili who once sought to destroy every living being in two realities, now an alcoholic amnesic he has forgotten everything but the immense strength he possesses.
  • Xenomorph Emperor:
  • Johnny Quick : A Ruination experiment from the crumbling remains of the Orb Hierarchy, Johnny is a hot-headed speedster who's prone to impulsive mistakes. He was only chosen to participate in an effort to bolster the Society's ranks. Cannon fodder.