The Seven Deadly Sins is the name of a group of Archdemons that work directly under the God of Darkness and act as the generals of the gods army. Each member takes up the title of one of seven sins that are said to lead the soul to ruin, and often these names reflect the individuals personality as well. 



Original SinsEdit



Moloch, the patron demon of Wrath.

Moloch was a monstrous and dangerous archdemon that dominated the battlefield with their sheer power mixed with their blood thirsty rage, and thus took on the title of Wrath. He was considered the most loyal to the God of Darkness, as he admired the deities power and sought the conquer the land to please him.

Moloch was slain by Kratos, a member of the Six Heroes, who's main goal in life was to fight stronger and stronger foes. The two did battle and were evenly matched, however by the end of it they both managed to fatally wound the other and both died.

Moloch's position of Wrath was succeeded by Goetia, another loyal demon under The God of Darkness' command.



Gevah, the patron demon of Pride.

A vile and presumptuous archdemon, Gevah had the mantel of Pride as he believed himself to above not only his fellow demons, but even the gods themselves. Despite his illusion of being above the gods, Gevah knew that in order to keep his position of power, he must stay loyal to the God of Darkness.

He would almost never engage in combat himself, and instead commanded rabid demonic mutts to do it for him. These mutts however would lead to his downfall, as they were the ones that mauled him to death under the influence of Darkness, who grew tired of the archdemons presence.

The mantel of Pride was passed down to Cysgod, the God of Darkness' own son.



Don'Yoku, the patron demon of Greed.

An archdemon with the desire for pointless trinkets of worth, Don'Yoku was filled with such avarice that he would scour the land for the remains of kingdoms and scavenge whatever valuable item he could find and hoard it, a demon fitting of the title of Greed.

The demon dawned a masterfully created set of armour, made from pure silver. The demon treated this armour as his pride and joy and would kill any who sullied its perfect shine.

Don'yoku, along with his precious armour, were both melted down in lava by the God of Darkness after the demon attempted to overthrow his master.

The title of Greed would later be passed onto Sava.



Mors, the patron demon of Envy.

Mors was an archdemon who represented the sin of Envy, possessing the ability to manipulate biological life to degree where he could create more atrocious life forms. Mors was considered to be the opposite to his fellow archdemon Moloch in regards to how he viewed their master, The God of Darkness, as Mors was envious of the emmense power Darkness wields. 

Mors would meet his end by the hands of his master in the aftermath of his defeat by the Avengers when he turned a large Sky Island's population into his managerie of horid creatures.

His position as the Patron of Envy was passed on down to Elise Ito.



Rias, the patron demon of Lust.

The Goddess of Death, Rias acted as Lust and worked directly under the God of Darkness. She primarily dealt with the transfer of souls to hell, guiding them to eternal agony and sometimes granting them a final wish. She was also the "lover of the God of Darkness, and produced a child, Cysgod.

Rias, however, lost her title of Lust as well as her mantle of a Lesser God when she broke the rules set in place by the 8 Gods of Skyverse. She was stripped of her powers and rendered a mere mortal.

The position of Lust has now been taken by Albedo, an archdemon with an obsession with Darkness.

Rakshasa‎ Edit


Beelzebub, the patron demon of Gluttony.

A monsterous consumer of souls with an apitite that knew no bounds, Rakshasa was the patron demon of gluttony for a reason. Much like Gevah, Rakshasa knew that he had to keep his position in order to continue his habit of consuming the dead, and thus was loyal to Darkness to the end.

His loyality, however, lead to his death. In an effort to gain praise for his dark lord, Rakshsa fought his fellow Sin, Don'Yoku, who at that time was attempting to overthrow Darkness and was slain for his efforts.

The mantle of gluttony was eventually passed to Beelzebub, the grand caster and lord of flies.



Belphegor, the patron demon of Sloth.

A towering colossus, who with a single step could travel continents, Belphegor was the ever faithful sentry of the God of Darkness and held the mantel of Sloth. Belphegor stood firm over his master and watched the land, relaying information to his dark lord whenever he was in need.

After the God of Darkess was betrayed by the one born from hate, the god was in need of prison. The old portal to the Aybss was reopened by Darkness and converted into a prison for his creation, and Belphegor was turned into a fortress, to act as the prisons guard. Even now Belphegor slumbers, forever loyal to his master and awaiting the day he may be of use again.

Belphegors title of Sloth was passed onto an unknown demon who, much like Belphegor, stood by the God for years.