Real Name

Otis Flannegan


The Ratcatcher, The Rat King







Hair Colour


Eye Colour



Irish, Exon


  • Rat-catcher (formally)
  • Thief

Formally a rat-catcher by trade, Otis Flannegan turned to a life of crime when he discovered his ability to communicate and train rats, who he uses to easily infiltrate buildings and still their contents.


Prior to learning about his powers, Otis Flannegan was an anti-social rat-catcher with a superiority complex who believed the world was against him, believing himself to be above others. Since unlocking his powers not much has changed, except for adding to his ego and now overvaluing rats lives, believing them to be superior creatures to humans.


Early History Otis Flannegan was born and raised in an Irish slum on Exon by his mother and father. He was raised to join the age old family business of pest control, and did so in his mid-teens. 

Otis would loath the people he worked for, seeing high class people as stuck up snobs and poorer people as useless scum. In fact, he believed the entire world was against him, and that its because of them that he lived in a slum. The only joy Otis would find in his life was his job, as he would often imagine the pests he trapped and killed as people he didn't like.

It was when he turned 30, and fully took over the family business after his fathers passing, when Otis discovered his powers. It was one night right as he was preparing to kill the rats he caught previously in the day. As he was monologuing, pretending the rat was his last rude customer, he off handedly ordered it jump for him, which it did. Curious, he ordered it again and so it did. Otis would then spend the entire night discovering his powers and then forming his plan to get back at the world.

Since that night, Otis Flannegan, now known as the Ratcatcher, has been commuting crimes with his legion of rats, now delusional and thinking rats are the superior species on the planet, next to him of course.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Rat Manipulation - The Ratcatcher has the ability to communicate and command common rats to do his bidding. The number of rats he can influence at a time is unknown but it is seemingly limitless.
  • Chemistry Knowledge - Ratcatcher has experience with chemicals from when he worked as can actual rat-catcher. He often carries around cyanide gases in small canisters attached to his person.