The Legend of the Six Heroes, is an ancient tale that has been passed down for generations. The story tells of the legendary heroes that once saved Skyverse and all those that inhabit it from an ancient evil. The legend itself is wildly known by those who research Skyverse history, as several tablets and temples describing the story have been found as well as people often sourcing the Six Heroes as the originators of things people still use today in Skyverse.

It has been speculated that members of the Six Heroes have appeared in other stories and legends as well, such as the childrens story, The Great Grey Wolf in which a wolf pup is saved by a travelling knight and later saves the knights life, creating an unbreakable bond of friendship. many theorize that this knight was the leader of the Six Heroes, Artorias.

Summary Edit

Long, long ago in the ancient land of Skyverse, before it would become known by this name, the land was brimming with life gifted to it by the gods. Though not all was right, as with more species appearing more began rivalling the mighty power of the gods. One of these such creatures were the Titans.

A race of towering monsters that extended beyond the clouds themselves. With their power came arrogance and greed, the Titans wished to overthrow the gods and rule the Skyverse and its people themselves and would stop at nothing to achieve this. Incapable of intervening and destroying the Titans themselves the Gods would instead have to turn to other means, bestowing great power onto worthy individuals, creating heroes.

The gods would scour the lands, searching for those worthy of such a duty and eventually six were found.

The great knight, Artorias.

The legendary archer, Agilaz.

The witch mother, Mercury.

The fearsome berserker, Kratos.

The graceful lancer, Maira.

And the holy sword, Excalibur.

Each were gifted the power of the gods, raising them beyond their mortal status and rebirthing them as the legendary Six Heroes.The six would do battle with the titans, slaying the colossal beasts and protecting the innocent and saving them from their brutal tyranny.

And so with the Titans dead and the strongest of them sealed away by the gods, the Six Heroes were victorious and their work was done. That day each member of the six would go their own way, either to pursue higher things or continue the fight against evil. Whichever it was, Skyverse was indebted to these six, the saviours of the land, the chosen of the gods.

The Six Heroes.