Created by the Systems Alliance with influences from both Project Apollo and Project Valkyrie as well as the superhero team The Avengers. Similar to Apollo and Valkyrie, the Invaders Program is meant to be a unified faction task force, dedicated to responding to Enhanced threats. The team itself is comprised of members from various factions and backgrounds, with a majority of the team being Enhanced themselves.


Current Members

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Creation Edit

The Invaders Program was created due to the rise in Enhanced crimes and threats, and the militaries need for a task force to deal with them that is under their direct control.

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Black Racer Incident Edit


Hunting the Widow Edit

After the reactivation of her brainwashing tech, Romanoff left the team and forced the team after her after the assassination of a UCR political figure by Romanoff's hand. UCR officials proclaimed that the Black Widow be eliminated at all costs, which the Invaders reluctantly agreed to.