The Inquistor


Collaboration between Space Dynamics and the President of Corneria




15,000 meters



Hyperdrive equipped





1 Axial Superlaser

500 Heavy Laser Cannons

500 Heavy AA flak guns

50 Ion laser cannons


180,000 troops

75 Battalions



Minimum of 85,000

Cargo Capacity

400,000 metric tons



The Inquistor is a Sovereign Class Super Star Destroyer manufactored by Space Dynamics Company. It is a pet project by the President of Corneria to create a ship to break the morale of the opposition. It took 10 years to build such a ship. The CSCT (Cornerian Ship Classifying Table) rates the ship as a Dreadnaught, despite its manufactured name.  The Captain is Benjamin H. Carson, General of the Navy.

The Inquisitor was destroyed during Cornarian Rebellion by Exon after it attempted to break Exons Iron curtain with her laser. The crew tried to scuttle the ship and committed mass suicide in a futile attempt to deny Exon the ship.


The Inquistor looks rather different from a typical Cornerian ship. Lacking the sleek white metal and design. It takes on a more grey coloration with radical lines and different bridge styling. It is also the first Cornerian ship to utilize conventional plasma engines instead of the Gravity Diffusion Engine. Due to them being unable to engineer a engine big enough to propel such a ship. The Inquistor carries up to 5 years worth of supplies for over 500,000 crew members and is able to carry smaller battleships and deploy them. The Inquistor is equipped with over 75 Ion Cannons split up evenly on each side, 500 heavy laser cannons, 50 flak cannons arranged on various strategic area's to minimize the exploit of a blindspot. Although some still exist. And is also equipped with other various weaponary. Along with a single massive Axial Superlaser used for orbital glassing or even leveling cities. Can also be used against other ships. The Inquistor, being a big ship is hard to manuver and highly underprivileged when it comes to maneuvering. As such, it is always accompanied by a fleet of battleships. At least 15. At most 20. The Inquistor is able stay in space for 5 years. Even with the fleet, due to it being able to send supplies to its escort fleet. Although the Inquistor is mostly near Corneria and within its home solar system for home defense. The great size of the ship caused it to be built in sections and shipped into orbit and built in orbit. The hull itself was put together in orbit. 


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