Goddess of Nature

Date of Birth



Very Old


Skyverse, Nature, UCR



Love Interests


Eye color

  • Blue-Purple

Hair color

  • Green
 The Goddess of Nature is one of the UCR's main eight gods who oversee the council in Skyverse. She maintains the natural order of Skyverse. She is often offended by the sentients she "created" who tend to destroy and corrupt. 

Creating lifeEdit

Nature created many of Skyverses inhabitants, beginning with small life forms followed by more complex forms of life. With time checks and balances were applied through disasters and new species. However the creation of Humans would disrupt the balance. The intellect and adaptive nature of human beings demanded something more ferocious, leading to the creation of phantom beasts. These were too zealous in their duty to eradicate humans and were sealed away. During this period a sect of humans tried to appease Nature through worship and offers to reclaim the natural state of Skyverse. These beings gradually became known as Faunus, a race of humanoids with animal traits.


Like a caring mother except when you destroy her creatations and then she'll mess up your day.