God of Fear

Full Title

The God of Fear

Other Titles

  • Lurker of the Forests
  • Bringer of Death
  • The Dread Knight
  • Father of Fear


16 Billion




  • Skyverse


  • Deity
  • Spreader of fear

One of the eight gods of Skyverse that came about when sentient creatures started to feel complex emotions, the God of Fear is said to embody the innate fear inside the hearts of all living things. It is also cited that the God of Fear may of also appeared because of the God of Darkness, that it was because of Darkness that the fear was ignited in the hearts of man in the first place.




The God of Fear's form has changed over the years, often reflecting the fears of the masses at that time. The earliest documented form is that of a large pack of carnivorous wolves, said to have roamed the early forests of a budding Skyverse and feed on those foolish enough to fenture into the woods alone.

As the lands inbatents developed and population spiked, disease started to spread among large communities, the fear of death infulenced the god once again, changing it to resemble a plague doctor. Word spread that if such a being appeared in your town, it was doomed to be hit by the plague.

The God of Fears current form came about due to the modern understanding of what fear is, mainly infulenced by Halloween, a Primevere holiday that made its way to Skyverse. The God of Fear rides his savage steed and weilds a large sword he uses to cut off the heads of those who believe themself above fear, or at least, that is how the rumour goes