Full Title

The God of Darkness

Other Titles

  • The Black Mass
  • The One Below
  • King of Demons
  • The Dark One
  • The Corrupter


20.1 Billion +






  • Deity
  • Ruler of Hell

One of the oldest deities in skyverse and a member of the the council of eight, The God of Darkness embodies all that is feared and unknown in the universe and is often looked upon in both fear and respect as evil incarnate.


From the few accounts the living have of the God of Darkness describe the deity as cold, intimidating and seemingly all knowing. Being in his presence alone can cause even the strongest willed man to fall to their knees and beg for his approval. He demands respect and gives none in return, treating mortals as things to be toyed with and broken in both body and soul, he even sees his children in this way. The deity has an aura of omnipresences and it is said he exist wherever light is cast.