Current StatusEdit

Every member was killed by Tenks and Church. Except for the female, Zangya, She is currently in hiding on Planet Eden, she thinks Tenks is still alive so she is scared to show herself. There is no telling when she might arise again, but sense her team is killed. The odds of her causing trouble are slim.


Galaxy Warriors

From left to right Bujin, Zangya, Kogu, and Bido

The Galaxy Warriors are a group of intergalactic pirates who sell planets. Similar to what the Saiyans did for the Planet Trade Federation. Except the GW is also known to kidnap inhabitants, mostly for ransom reasons. The group strongly hates anyone who isnt a Hera, exspecially the Saiyans, Humans, and celestial beings. 


Zangya = The last surviving female member, also the weakest. She is appearing as 18. but not much is known about her age, or weight.

Bido = The "playboy", he is known to kidnap female inhabitants. He is also the most brutal, he loves to snap peoples necks like twigs. He is assumed to be in his late 20's early 30's.

Kogu = The 2nd youngest of the group, he is the swordsman. He is assumed to be 17 maybe 21.

Bujin = The Magician of the group, he specializes in using magic and restraining Ki attacks. He restrains the opponents to allow free shots for his teamates.


They are considered pirates, but not all of them are fully evil. One of them for example, isnt brutal and mindless like the rest.

Recent OperationsEdit

They have kidnapped a member of the Adventure group known as "Mitsubi Jr". Tenks and Church was the first to find out, they are still trying to find the Warriors. Based on what Bujin said, a member is interested in Mitsubi and wont be giving him back anytime soon, and if it wasnt for her. They would have long killed Mitsubi.

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