Forest of No Return


Nove Nara Sky Island, Skyverse


Adventure Group (Former)

 The Forest of No Return was the name given to an area of the Nove Nara Sky Island that belonged to the cat faunus witch known as Blair, and later the first home of her and her family with Marq. The forest was also used as a frequent rest spot for the members of the Adventure Group.

After the dissolution of the first Adventure Group the forest was fully abandoned up until 2577, when Blade returned to his old home to fix up the old cottage and to look for clues that could offer answers to where his mother disappeared to.


  • Blair's Cottage: Blair's house was a cottage, 1-floor cottage located near a waterfall that leads to the local lake the group used. Parts were added to the cottage such as extra rooms and a second floor once the Adventure Group began using the forest. After the first adventure group dissolved after the death of Marq and the disappearance of Blair, the cottage fell under a state of disrepair. Construction of a new building started in 2577, and was completed sometime in 2580.
  • The lake: The lake was a body of water located near the cottage and was a spot favored by the Adventure Group. The lake has a surface area of 26.04 kilometers and a depth of 54.09 meters.

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