The Flood

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Can learn hosts knowledge. Can use a variety of weapons and ships.



The Flood are a (extremely being an understatement) dangerous enemy to the universe. They reproduce by consuming life. It has engaged many factions in the Milk way galaxy for just over 100,000 years, causing the extinction of the Forerunners and a nearly lost war against the Humans. The Flood are the reason behind the development of the Halo Rings, built to starve the Flood by destroying its food source.

Modern TimesEdit

The UNSC first encountered the Flood on a shield world, the ship being the Spirit of Fire. The shield world was destroyed, its core exploding when the SoF's Shaw-Fujikawa slipspace drive as a make shift bomb. The SoF would not make it in time to tell of the existance of the Flood as without the slipspace drives it would take years to return to Earth, which it did in 2558, but not on Earth.  

The second humanity encountered the Flood was on Halo, one of the Forerunner superweapons. The UNSC Pillar of Autumn, crash landing on the ring, with forces scattered all over. The Covenant had found the seals to the Flood and unleashed them, which when captured tricked the UNSC forces into thinking it was a weapons cache. With the Flood released many, both human and Covenant were consumed.

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