Built by Sangheilios and the USSR, the Citadel was made as a place of meeting for the galactic powers to use and represent their factions and species.

Most major factions have left the Citadel Alliance in favor of chasing their own goals. However, some smaller independent systems banded together on the Citadel Alliance to stay out of the fray of the major arms race between the Central Galactic Empire and the New United Nations.

While considerably smaller then either of the major sides, the gathered systems are willing to defend each other in times of need to stay out of the Cold War.


The Citadel Security forces are a well-trained policing force utilizing military grade weapons and armor to keep the people of the Citadel safe.


The Citadel is divided into 5 petal-like 45km long wings known as wards, where millions from multiple species across the Milky Way come to live and do business. Thanks to this, trade and culture on the Citadel is strong, as if it were its own nation. However, the more well-off on the Citadel live in the Presidium, a 10km wide ring in the center, which also houses the embassies.

One of said wards and perhaps the best known is Zakera Ward, which also happens to house the N7 headquarters.

Huerta Memorial HospitalsEdit

Thanks to the Vanguard, the Sangheili have constructed an intergalactic hospital with some of the best technology and doctors available. It is a great honor in the Citadel Alliance's medical field to be part of this.

Races and FactionsEdit

Sangheili Federation - Holding the most powerful spot on the Council. Due to the current placement and building of the Citadel, the Sangheili Federation funds and maintains the Citadel as well as head diplomatic talks between factions. This includes those that do not hold a Council seat.

Turian Heirachy - Making up most of the security forces on the Citadel due to a symbiotic friendship with Sangheilios, the Turians hold a spot in the Citadel Alliance. They are determined to stay out of the arms race and stand up for others who wish to stay out of the conflicts, forming small protectorates with their own forces.

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