The Cineris Military Force is the War Machine originating on the planet Cineris. It's power governs all space belonging to the Cineris Collective, spanning multiple start systems within the Milky Way. Although existing beforehand, its influence was boosted dramatically when Church left the United Earth Government, and brought it's techniques with him. It used these methods to gain power, then slowly evolved over time to what it is now, a unique faction-military who maintains galactic power despite its relatively small size.

Its primary language is Cinnamon English.


Flagship- CMF "Galahad" Super-Cruiser

Fleet Size: ~800 Ships (Growing / Recovering) Composed of Cruisers, Carriers, Destroyers, Along With a few other Ship-Types.

Main Fleet: First Home Defense Fleet

The CMF Navy deals with all Space operations, and is the most powerful of the four Branches. It provides transport for the other branches, and is the most well known part of the military. They lead the initial phases of assault missions, and rely on the Army's GNX/F-501 Delta Dagger, the VF/A-924 Wyvern, and the VF-43 Stauros for escort and continued support of its forces.


Primary Division: CMF Sidonian Knights

The CMF Army consists of some of the most elite CMF soldiers aside from Naval SPEC-OP's. The Army only recieves the best, as it is the last line of defense in the case of planetary invasion as well as the branch that handles large groundside offensives.. The Army is responsible for planetside defense and Homeland Security and is generally given the CMF's best equipment before other branches.

Air ForceEdit

Primary Division: 97th Tactical Fighter Wing

The CMF Air Force handles all air support and air superiority missions, foreign and at home. It is composed of various dedicated fighters and multirole variable fighters, such as the VF/A-924 Wyvern and the elite VF-43 Stauros. The CMF Air Force primarily operates out of CMF Navy Carriers in space combat and in foreign space. While the CMF Airforce is relatively small when compared to some other air forces in the galaxy, it is still a force to be reckoned with when working in tandem with the other Cineris Military branches.


Primary Division: 114th ARS Infantry

The CMF Marine Corp handles all Ship-Based operations. CMF Marines are highly skilled in conventional and unconventional warfare, as well as EVA skills, and are generally the first troops on the ground alongside Naval Specops during foreign operations. Marines generally deploy via AV-429 "Aegis" Gunship, or directly into the battlefield via the elite Orbital Drop Shock Trooper units.

Factional Relations (WIP)Edit










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