The Children of War


Base of Operations

The Grand Hall of Valor, Sovngarde, Skyverse



Notable Members

  • Thor
  • Loki
  • Kratos

The Children of War are the elite vanguard and guardians of Skyverse and followers of The God of War.

The group consists of people hand picked by The God of War himself. Normally sole survivors, orphans of war or simply those who embody the concept of war.


The history of the Children of War can be traced back for millennia, it often being sited that it began not long after the betrayal of the dragons and the creation of the Aven race 450,000 years ago.

It is also said that they were The God of Wars answer to the problem at the time. Similar to how Ami created the Avens to be the new guardians of Skyverse, War began selecting people to also fulfil this role, thinking that the best protectors would be those who have faced the hardship of war first hand.

Anyone is capable of becoming a Child of War, all races and genders and no matter their history, be it shady or not, will be forgotten. The only factor is that you have faced war in some form and stood strong. Be it as a sole survivor of a great battle, a orphan child on the battlefield or simply embody the concept of war.

The Children of War follow a code of six iron clad rules, if one was to break these rules they would be banished from the guild, their gifted powers taken and their name spoken in dishonour.

For years the Children of War have acted as protectors and guardians of Skyverse, with the most notable member being Kratos, who would later become a member of The Six Heroes.

In modern years the Children of War still fulfil the same role, though many still operate traditionally, using magic and fighting against injustice across Skyverse, some more modern members do so through the UCR. More recently a Child of War has joined the heroes of Primeverse known as the The Avengers, this being the adopted daughter of The God of War himself, Thor.


  • To never do outrage nor murder those you protect.
  • To by no means be cruel but give mercy onto him who asks for mercy.
  • To fight with honour against your enemy.
  • To protect the innocent even if it results in the concious sacrifice of yourself.
  • To always flee treason.
  • Not to take up battles in wronful quarrels for love or wordly goods.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

The arsenal of a Child of War is very personnel to them, some preferring magic's while others hard steel. More often than not they will have specialized enchanted weapons forged to them by The God of Wars trusted blacksmiths.

In more modern times, Children of War will use more advanced and recent technology, however some will still request a personalised weapon, seeing it apart of the tradition.

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