The Arcadia's crew is made up of 200 people, each from different races and backgrounds. The crew take up various roles, most of which being based on jobs real pirates would do years ago. The Captain of the ships is Grace O'malley and everybody on board of the ship are extremely loyal to her, despite her more questionable actions.


  • Grace O'malley - the captain of the ship who is respected by her crew and feared throughout space as a dangerous pirate.
  • Adéwalé - Adéwalé is a human, and is first mate aboard the Arcadia. He was apart of the original Space Dandies when Grace's father was the leader and has watched Grace grow up, this is why she trusts him so much to be her first mate. He normally escorts her around and acts as her body guard.
  • Schnitzer - Schnitzer is a cyborg who acts as another one of Grace's body guards and the tactical officer. He joined soon after the Arcadia docked on Omega. He is stern and serious but also understanding, he only speaks when nessary and is genrally to the point.
  • Scotia - Scotia was apart of the Core Rebellion and later joined Grace on the Arcadia to act as its medic. She is constantly harassed by Grace.
  • Kag-Jek - Kag-Jek is a Kig-Yar who used to be apart of another band of Kig-Yar space pirates. However after his old crew was killed he joined the Space Dandies along with the few surviving members of his old crew. He acts as the ships navigator.
  • Scar - Scar is a Yautja young blood who was cast out of his clan. He was picked up by the Space Dandies as a mercenary and soon became a normal part of the crew.
  • Biliry Mysa Nyta - Bilitry is a Mgalekgolo whose bond brother was killed years ago. He joined the Space Dandies a few years later and served under Grace's father and later Grace herself.
  • Pirate-Tron 3000 - Pirate-Tron 3000 is a old guard robot Grace bought and got her crew to fix up. It was given its name because Grace thought it was cool.
  • Yoru and Asa - Yoru and Asa and cat faunus twins who were once pick pockets on their home planet until they were picked up by Grace. They normally hang around Grace's room and act as one of her "wenches".
  • Kag-Jek's Old Crew (9)
  • 13 Turians
  • 5 Krogan
  • 80 Humans
  • 8 Asari
  • 20 Faunus
  • 14 Uggnoy
  • 12 Sangheili
  • 6 Batarians
  • 4 Robots
  • 10 Jiralhanae
  • 10 Vorcha


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