The Arcadia
The Arcadia by Resakr


Grace O'malley

Crew Size



Pirate Ship


1.17 Kilometres


2.9m Titanium A Plating


  • Ramming Knife
  • Pulse laser cannons
  • Spiral Torpedoes
  • Anchor Missiles
  • Boarding pods

The Arcadia is the ship of the notorious pirate crew, the Space Dandies.


The Arcadia was formally a UCR Nymph Class Assault Cruiser that was captured by Core during the Core Rebellion. It was heavily modified and then given to the local smuggling ring lead by Grace O'malley. The Arcadia was used to ambush UCR supply ships and steal their cargo.

After the Core Rebellion became the Core Union, Grace and her crew stole the Arcadia and use it as their pirate ship for the newly reformed Space Dandies. The ship mainly docks on Omega where the Space Dandies have a hold over the local black market.

The Arcadia was responsible for destroying the Great Fox when it came to capture Grace for a bounty.


  • Ramming Knife The bow of the ship is equipped with a large ramming knife. The knife is made out of lunar steel and is thinly shielded with a layer of hard light.
  • Pulse Laser Cannons The Arcadia is equipped with three pulse laser cannons. Two on the top of the ship and one on the bilge. They fire a pair (or trio) of beams capable of burning through slightly armoured ships or fighters.
  • Spiral Torpedoes Fired from missiles pod located on the side and top of the ship. The torpedoes fire in a spiral, avoiding things such as meteors or fighters if when trying to hit a ship.
  • Anchor MissilesFired from the same missile pods the spiral torpedoes are fried, anchor missiles are fired at a ship and latch on, either attaching to the side of piercing the ship itself. When attached the anchor are able to real a ship in towards the Arcadia.
  • Boarding Pods Capable of being fired into a ship for the Arcadia's crew to easily board.


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