The End of the Line Edit

The Akula fleet is made up of 4 former Exon cruisers (A Reverance Class and 3 CCS-Cruisers) and although old they've seen combat and top Exon military grade refits. They scour the areas inside of Sangheilios and Citadel space preying on neutral shipping and ELA shipping to help friends and families back home (even though they cut the ties over a year ago). They plan on making ventures deeper into other places of space only stopping to refuel at Pegassi Delta where they've built a pirates haven using old repaired Covenant equipment. Although desolate it's far out of the way and unused in merchant traffic.

The Fleet Edit

End of the Line Edit

The End of the Line is an old Reverance Class Cruiser that was originally a tough fortified ship to begin with but refitted with heavy flak cannons designed to deal high explosive damage to the outside of ships weakening them for easy torpedo runs and hex spaced armor.

Akula Edit

The oldest of the bunch, the Akula saw action in the earliest days of Exon (As well as during the covenant war) against the UNSC running near suicidal torpedo runs against larger ships with numerical odds stacked heavily against her. She saw action heavily over the Aqua planet where she took some damage and after rumors of her being scrapped after coming back to Exon the crew defected. A CCS Cruiser that's a little slower then the other but only because of it's incread torpedo carrying abilities (She has over ten tubes arranged on her and adding the supplemental armor that was given for the high risk duties only adds to the engine troubles). The Akula is meant for torping enemy ships and boarding them.

Skipper Edit

The Skipper is the youngest of the bunch only commisioned about a week before it and the End of the Line were sent to "supply liberation" duty. Having the most advanced tiberium engines to date the Skipper is the fastest even though it is lightley armed with 6 latterally alligned and 1 forward mounted plasma torpedo tubes it is heavily armed for AA bristling with missle turrets, pulse turrets, hard light turrets, rail gun turrets, and top mounted heavy flak cannons this is not something you want to fly around.

Knot too Shabby Edit

The Knot too Shabby is a CCS that is armed like the akula but instead of carrying more armor it carries a bit more AA guns although not as much as the skipper it has a better variety of weapons.

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