Full name

Tensai Ikkyū





Hair colour

Multiple, primary blond

Eye colour

multiple, primary gold



Love Interest

Kurohai (rival)



Tensai Ikkyū is a young girl with the ability to shape shift. After finding out about the Avenger, Kurohai, Tensai has dedicated her life to being her rival.


Tensai is a girl who can be easily driven by a single goal and will then stop at nothing until that goal is met. Along with her inflated ego and her over dramatic nature, Tensai comes off extremely annoying. But, even though she has dedicated her life to being Kurohai's rival, she actually lacks the drive to cause major criminal acts, instead resorting to petty nuisances. However she will go to extreme lengths to let everyone know she is the only one worthy of being Kurohai's rival.

One of Tensai's personalities, Rory Mercury, shares her obsession though instead she is obsessed with fighting, killing and anything war related. Every minute of fighting is like a moment of pleasure for Rory, and she of course makes this known to the people around her. Though outside of battle she is very level headed, though she does have the tendency to tease people by getting too "personnel".

Another of Tensai's personalities is Saber, or Saber of Red as she likes to be called. Clad in heavy and strong armour, Saber hardly acts like a typical knight, normally fighting brutally and dangerously. She is normally in a constant state of annoyance, being aggravated by the tiniest things and often resorting to calling people childish names.

To counter balance the other two immature personalities, there is Bullet. She is mature in both looks and appearance, often being the voice of reason among the "group". Though she doesn't really want to fight Kurohai, she goes along with it just to amuse to the others. Though she is the most mature, that doesn't mean she won't like like a child when people bring up certain "assets" she has.

Finally, Tensai's last personality is that of a 8 year-old faunus girl, Izuna. Quiet and reserved, Izuna is the most innocent of the personalities, trying her best to be polite to people while also helping to achieve Tensai's goal. Though, while using her ability "kekkai" she is much different, turning into a child who wants to have fun no matter the cost, that mixed with kekkai's affect results in her being the most dangerous of them all.



Forms and AbilitiesEdit