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(Fight song)

Tenks long hair new


Human/Saiyan hybrid



Martial Status





Mitsubi-Father -deceased

Liz - Wife -deceased-

Chloe- Girlfriend

Elsword - Friend

Rena - Friend

Hair color


Eye color

Baby Blue

"Sometimes I wonder, we live in a grand and mass universe filled with many beings of different background and abilites. But since we have armies splitting them apart, how would we better ourselves? I may be descended from a destructive race who only knows how to kill. But I prefer love and compassion, I only fight because I have to, because I have to protect those I love. Because its my instinct....because...I have to"


Tenks is Mitsubi's long lost son of which he got seperated on his first trip to Earth. Mitsubi had been to Earth before when he was tasked with scouting Earth. He was actually supposed to destroy it, but it was prevented once Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, killing all of the other saiyans. On his first trip to Earth, he had mated a human who had given birth to Tenks afterwards.


Tenks is a fairly sized 24 year old adult, with blueish hair in a relaxed style. He has baby blue eyes and fairly tan skin and wears a black tank top with black pants and yellow boots along with a yellow belt. He also has a purple jacket and sometimes has a sword latched around his chest. He has blue relaxed shoulder length hair that is split down the middle with 1 stand hanging down over his forehead. But as a Super Saiyan his relaxed light blue/purple hair stands up and spreads out in a exagerated spiky, upright fashion with 1 stand hanging down in his face.


Tenks' abilities are typical of someone with Saiyan origins. He can use his life energy (or life force) to create energy beams, fly, agumented strength, and the abiliity to turn into a Super Saiyan (once the required objectives are met). He can also use telekinesis to a extent, but not enough to use in a actual fight or assist in picking things up like people who actuallly use it. He barely if never uses it.


Tenks has a bunch of hidden potential within him, granted by the fact he was about to kill his father, who was in Super Saiyan 2 and Tenks was keeping up with him in base form, but that potenial is outweighed by the fact his Human heritage causes him not to be as aggressive as his father. 

Hidden PotentialEdit

Tenks, being a hybrid has the power of a Saiyan, and the personality and features of a human. So his abilities are not completely known, but he constantly surpises the group everytime he fights, thanks to his Saiyan heritage. He has a hidden potential that has yet to be awakened.


Tenks is a very joyful person since he isn't a full blooded Saiyan he isn't very aggressive. He is also very flirty and loves to make friends. But he has a tendency to become sad rather easily due to all the terrible stuff happening to him. He is also more loving and compassionate then his father.


Tenks grew up without a father he was very lonely and him being half Saiyan he has a need to fight and after many martial arts tournaments he showed great fighting potenial thanks to his father's genes. Then after years he met a guy named Danno and asked about Mitsubi. Danno asked why he wants to know, then Tenks said he was his father, after which he told him someone is mind controlling him. Tenks then gave chase.  After he gave chase he
Tenks Super Saiyan

Tenks as a Super Saiyan with longer hair

found Mitsubi along with the man who mind controlled him. Mitsubi fought his son against his own will, and Tenks started to take over which the man killed Mitsubi for being weak which triggered Tenks Super Saiyan transformation, he went to battle and after much struggle Tenks killed him and gained victory. After which he buried his dad. Ever since Tenks has been looking for some friends.

Life after his father passingEdit

After his father passed Tenks started to attend DWMA and moved to Death City to be closer to Liz. After a couple weeks of research he found a weapon compatiable to his wavelength. His name is Gorby, after a mission him and Gorby got close and are friends, he then met a witch named Medusa. He and her has the same background of being outcasts so he kept her true identity secret also she listened to his life story much to Tenks liking, he treats her like a close friend. A couple days later he slayed his first witch, him and Gorby went back to the school to pig out on food, Liz joined soon after at first surprised at his eating. Then he was contacted by a scientist telling he is the very last person carrying Saiyan blood he is also the Prince of Saiyans. After that conversation he went to Lord Death to get a assignment because his Saiyan instinct was kicking in and he needed to fight, so he asked for the hardest assignment. That assignment ended up being a witch he considered a friend......Medusa. He went to Liz to tell her then Stein overheard and said to wait for his weapon, but Tenks' Saiyan battle instinct had him too impatient so him, Stein, and Spirit went to hunt her down.  They never found her, and years have passed. After Tenks was old enough he left the DWMA, part of the reason was his wife Liz died from a fight and he couldnt stay from the emotional reasons. He went back to California to be Yomako, Church, and other members of the group.

Mitsubi Jr kidnap conflict (side story that doesnt intertwine with the storyline)Edit

1 day, Mitsubi Jr was taken by a band of space pirates who worked for a former enemy of Tenks who is now dead. They took him for payback, Budo came and told them. And Tenks proceeded to interigate him along with Church. After a heated conversation Budo left, and Tenks and Church left shortly after to think about it.

Gen 2 OfficialEdit

Tenks has started to become very active within the adventure group, these are his endeavors.

The Defense of ElriosEdit

Tenks was active in his first battle, the defend the Velder Kingdom. He was stationed with Chloe, Elsword, Chung, Raven, Eve, Rena, and Aisha. They was assigned to defend the Kingdom from a demon invasion. They managed to secure the Commercial Area, and soon retreated the remaining citizens to safety, accidentally an unintentionally leaving Rena behind. Rena was forced to fight them off alone, and succeeded. The group chit chatted, awaiting their next assignment, soon to be attacked by one Wraith trooper who was soon neutralized by Aisha and Elsword. Meanwhile, Rena came across Jenn, and Jenn warned them about the Wraith being all over the entire planet. Learning this, she grabbed Raven to help fend off against a group of them. Later, the Wraith would attack the house that the group was staying in. They later fled, and were pinned off by Wraith troops. As soon as it seemed that they were going to die, Yomako swung in with reinforcements to help push the troops back. Soon, the entire planet of Elrios was aware of this oncoming conflict to where even the Demons were forced to ally with the group. The victory was short lived as a Wraith Cruiser was slowly about to crash in onto their position, gladly Aisha warped all of them to safety, and right near the El Crystal. Rena warned all of them about what the Wraith would be able to do if they were to harvest the power of the Crystal. After the allied forces were informed, they gathered Elesis, and her red knights, the Velderanian knights, the Dark elves, and of course, the Demons. After the battle, he witnessed the death of Aisha, from him seeing so many friends die in his lifetime he simply left and went back to base to be alone. Chloe followed him much to his liking.

Evil Danno conflict on ElriosEdit

Tenks, Raven, Chloe, Elsword, Rena, Aisha, and Elesis was enjoying their time of peace on Elrios until Tenks noticed the clouds started to make odd formations and colors...and thunder started to strike. He tried to warn the group, but Raven inisisted it was just normal. But Tenks knew better, he knew it was a great Evil of whom he thought he killed. A couple minutes pass and CHloe is attacked by a odd figure, her description matched Evil Danno and Tenks picked her up and tried to carry her to safety, only for the figure to strike Tenks, paralyzing him temporarly. He let out a scream which alerted the rest of the group. By the time the rest of the group came, Evil Danno was already there.....Aisha then was finally convinced along with the rest of the group that Tenks was right, so she teleported them all minus Elesis to a safe place because she insisted on staying. Tenks couldnt watch the fight, so he was keeping track via Life Force sensing. When he finally sensed Elesis's die, he lost himself and the barrier finally went down and the contructs attacked. Tenks told Aisha to protect Chloe as she means a lot to him and Tenks and Elsword went out to attack them, while the contructs where focused on Elsword, Tenks went out to face Danno. After a short conversation they began battle, and Tenks was right to think that Evil Danno was stronger, as he couldnt touch him at all. After a short brutal beat down, Church arrives thanks to Tenks pressing his beacon. He arrived with Tenks little brother Mitsubi Jr, of whom unlocked a new level of power unknown to the group, he confronted Danno as a Super Saiyan 4. While Mitsubi Jr was fighting trying to protect the rest of the planet the others including Tenks  fought off constructs. Then Tenks, Church, and Elesis began firing upon the core, but Evil Danno was not yet finished with them.

After the battle, Tenks and the gang decided to hold a tournament between themselves. Mitsubi Jr was first, he was doing good until Eleses fought and defeated him, he then stormed off in a rage. Tenks was sitting with Chloe when this happened. After a couple hours Tenks starts to get worried, he thinks Mitsubi  is in trouble. So he calls Elesis to go find him, another couple hours pass and he goes with Chloe to see that Mitsubi was under the Majin and Evil Danno's influence. So he intercepted to try and reason with him, which didnt work. Kaze then comes in and tells them to kill Mitsubi....or risk the El Crystal and cure him. Tenks didnt want to risk the planet so he went to kill him, he hesitated too long and Mitsubi Jr tried to kill Chloe, which made Tenks angry and tackled Mitsubi causing him to drop her. Mitsubi quickly turned it around and started to pummel Tenks only for Aisha to come in and whack Mitsubi in the balls, knocking him out from the pain. Tenks then shoves his sword through Mitsubi, after some hesitation seemingly killing him, but Aisha came in just in time and shoved the crystal into his heart and revived and cured Mitsubi. After which Tenks made amends with his brother and everything went to slight normality. But Evil Danno spoke to teh group and stirred it up again, he then spoke to Mitsubi. So now another adventure begins

Relationships Edit

  • Danno-048 = Tenks looks up to him and see's him as a father figure.
  • Liz = Is Tenks' wife, is now deceased
  • Yoko "Yomako" Littner = Is one of his friends and he kinda likes her.
  • Chloe = Met her at the Battle of Elrios, they have a odd relationship. But has grown close to her and considers her a close friend. He is now dating her.
  • Rena = He fell for her, but was shocked to see she likes Raven. They hold a rocky friendship.
  • Elsword = Is sometimes bothered by his pranks, but doesnt mind him.


  • Tenks Super Saiyan new

    Tenks while in Super Saiyan

    Super Saiyan = From seeing his Dad die.
  • Super Saiyan 2 = The second level of Super Saiyan, after seeing Liz and Gorby being mortally hurt.
  • Kami No Chikiara = Similiar to Kaioken, but the effects are smaller. They give him a small power increase for 2 minutes and takes away his limitations. Only used in life or death situations


"Every energy has a opposite......your evil deeds will be your undoing! Its over Danno!"

-Tenks to Evil Danno before assumingly killing him with the Stardust Breaker

  • Full power energy wave = Is a simple energy beam shot from 1 hand
  • Final Crash = Dashes than puts hand on front of their stomach, firing point blank
  • Sword Rush = Tenks unsheathes his sword dashes or runs for his opponent and rapidly slashes them then he either kicks them in the torso sending them away or engulfs them a large energy wave. (He can only do this if he has his sword)
  • Big Tree Cannon = A scaled down version of his fathers "Final Shine Attack". Is performed the same way as the Final Shine Attack.
  • Stardust Breaker = A move Mitsubi taught him, it uses the enemies energy against them and causes them to die from their own evil deeds. It basically attacks the targets soul than disentergrates them and reduces them to sparkles before disappearing. (Except in Evil Danno's case as he is pure energy)


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