Temple of Dovah
Temple of Brendon outside
The current status of the temple and its surroundings

Building type



Out in the Norwegian country side

Current status

Old temple, protected by the Norway Historical foundation


Unknown, built into the mountain side

Inside status

Unknown, Brendon and Sam was the first enters since the 1100's

The Temple of Dovah is a location on Earth, is what is now Norway. Thousands of years ago the country was called "Keizaal". It was ruled by Brendon, and his fathers clan of dragon immortals. There is times when they are mentioned in old lore. This was the center of their dragon cult.


Back in the 1100's, Brendon and his family. Which was a clan of dragons that are spoken in the legends. Ruled Norway, or Keizaal with a iron fist. They saw themselves as kings and demanded to be treated as such. They would pillage, rape, and brutally watch over the country. This temple was their head quarters. As well as their home. They also centered their dragon cult here. The dragon cult was a large group of people who actually sided with the dragons and in turn, got great powers. BRendon being first born, led the Priest and was called the Bormah. Or, the father. They ruled here for about a
Brendons father in the temple

Where BRendons father resides, in the tombing area

100 years until people led a assualt against the temple. His father led a charge against the people and drove them back. At the cost of his life and many others. In his honor, his skeleton was hung in the temple and prayed under. And the other skeletons, was left around the temple. Because the dragons didnt believe in burying their dead. They other put them in tombs or they left them where they died. THeir followers were entombed as a result. After his followers died off and no one else was willing to join. The dragons either left or died off. BRendon left and went into hiding until about 2003.

Inside the TempleEdit

The temple is very large, it took SAm and BRendon atleast a hour to go through. THere is many chambers and many traps to keep people from entering. But the last people who entered before BRendon was 1189, thats when they left the temple and sealed. THere is many doors that require a dragon claw mark or a special combonation. Brendon is the
Torturing hall

Torturing hall, Brendons throne is up on that platform

only living member who knows how to open the doors. Most of the chambers are for torturing, rape, killing, or following their dragon cult ideals. Such as chapels, massive sacrafice rooms, and such.

Current StatusEdit

The temple is considered haunted by the inhabitants of the Norwegian town that is near it. No one goes near it and there is claims of "zombies" or draugr in their langauge. Although their spelling is "Dreygur". Many people have tried entering and many people have never came back. The first people to enter the temple in a 1000 years was indeed Brendon and Sam. Brendon plans on moving back or finding a way to bring the temple to Eden to live in. He has been reasearching ancient magic to figure out how to do so.

Main hall

THe main stair case deep inside he temple

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