Task Force Hunter


April 11th 2554

Led by

VADM Isaias Takach

Part of

  • UCR 5th Fleet


Destruction or Capture of New Dawn Super Battleship Caleuche

Last Seen

August 23rd, 2554



 Task Force Hunter was the designation of a large UCR Task Group formed in the second year of the New Dawn Conflict. The Task Group was established for the sole purpose of destroying or capturing the New Dawn Super Battle Ship, Caleuche.



Ever since the start of the New Dawn Conflict in 2553, numerous United Skyverse Forces Capital Ships such as 3 of the UCR's Island Class Series were destroyed by the most powerful ship seen in the Skyverse at that time, the Super Battleship Caleuche. In order to buy time for Allied Forces to regain their momentum, and to prevent the loss of any more heavy Capital Ships, the UCR established Task Force Hunter on April 11th 2554, and appointed VADM Isaias Takach as the leader of the Task Force.

The Hunt BeginsEdit

Shortly after the formation of the Task Force, Isaias Takach led his task force to the Kor Region of the Skyverse, which at the time was the most heavily contested area of the war due to the abundance of Sky Islands and Continents that were used as Resource bases, and resulted in numerous sightings and skirmishes with the Super Battleship.

Task Force Hunter first clashed with the Caleuche a week after the Task Force's arrival to the Kor Region. After a short battle, Caleuche activated it's Fold Drive and left the battlefield, despite both sides not having a clear advantage against one another.

For the next few Months, Task Force Hunter would follow the trail of the Super Battlship all over the theater of war, from deep into New Dawn Territory, to contested battlefronts.


Task Group Hunter would follow the Battleship to a ancient Bird Human City in the Kor Region, where a medium sized New Dawn Fleet was waiting. VADM Isaias sent a message to Allied Forces HQ, stating that they're starting the attack on the Caleuche. Constant communication with Hunter during the battle was kept for at least 30 minutes, before it abruptly came to and end.

A small recon fleet was sent 3 hours after the communications ceased. However, all that they found were massive amounts of Fold Residue that disrupted with radar and communications. Following the incident, sightings of the Caleuche ceased.

Search and RescueEdit

When the Fold Residue cleared up, search and rescue operations were launched in the area in hopes of finding any trace of the fleet. These operations continue for at least six more months, but with no avail. Finally on 2557, Task Force Hunter was declared lost with all hands, making it the most mysterious event in the Skyverse's History.


In 2565, a memorial dedicated to the members of Task Force Hunter was built in Oured. The Memorial it's self is conisted of eight holographic Monoliths, displaying the names of all the members of the task force, with an Enternal Flame type display in the middile of the Monoliths.


Task Force Hunter consisted of 30 Ships.

  • 3x Island Class Mk.I
    • UCR Endevor
    • UCR Cheriton
    • UCR Virgaro
  • 6x ARMD Carriers
  • 2x Vinderince Class Battleships
  • 5x Minerva Class Light Cruisers
  • 4x Dominion Class Destroyers
  • 2x Magella Class Heavy Cruisers
  • 8x Oberth Class Frigates


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