7-Futuristic fighter jet

Sangheilio's First FighterEdit

Sangheilios thought the need to advance it's fighter program from the Seraph (although competant there's always the need to improve) to a more humanoid design. Armiger obliged and so forth the first designs of the new "swordfish" fighter was born as an intercept aircraft (not a dogfighter) equiped with dual engines and a reversed wing design it is fairly fast and packed in with dual 45 mm cannons it's meant to use only boom and zoom tactics, diving and doing as much damage as possible before flying away. First tested by ERA pilots in the battle for venezia it has earned many knick names such as yakolev 9k and focke wulf a5 (although not entirely clear where they go these names) but the knickname "sword fish" stuck. 

Tech AdvantagesEdit

It is an excellant diver and climber (although lacking turning manueverabilty of most other faction's fighters) making it ideal for energy fighting. The Swordfish also is equipped with stealth technology to stay off the enemies radar at higher altitudes and throw off lock-on systems making it hard to use missiles. It has been known to use their climbing skills to their advantage when in the test dogfights with the Venum fighter of Exon. It is equipped with plasma torpedos for hitting enemy ships and downing sheilds for enemy fighters (Such as the seraph in rare occasions opening them up for the 45 mm guns)


It takes an extremely skilled pilot to keep the dual 45mms on target (although it only takes a few hits to down most enemy aircraft). It also tends to lock up on lower altitudes when moving too fast. Pilots are in short number as well although the ERA sent a few aces to teach the Sangheili how to fly. 



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