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  • Autobots
  • Lightning Strike Coalition Force (formally)
  • Dinobots
  • Grimlock

Swoop is a Cybertronian Autobot and a member of the Dinobots.


Swoop is the most upbeat of the Dinobots, enjoying the speed and flight his Alt-mode gives him as he often does tricks in the sky while in battle just to show off. Like the rest of his team he is dimwitted though dispite this he is highly skilled with his missle launchers.


Early HistoryEdit

Swoop dinobot transformes fal of cybertron concept art

Swoop's Alt-mode.

See The Dinobots for more information on early history

Swoop was the a member of the Lightning Strike Coalition Force, a commando unit in the Autobot army. While investigating an unusual energy emission from the Sea of Rust Grimlock and his team were captured by Shockwave (a Decepticon scientist) and his creations known as the insecticons. Once captured the team were experimented on, their alt-modes being turned into creatures from the planet Shockwave was researching and their intelligence levels decreased. However during a pain-based test the leader of the LSC Grimlock, managed to escape his restraints and freed his allies and put a stop to Shockwaves plans. The team then made their way to the arc but missed it, though they managed to hitch a ride on the Protoform ship and eventually landed on Earth.


Once landing on Earth the LSC were found by Razorbeast, who renamed them the Dinobots and managed to convinced them to join his mission to find the other Protoforms. After awhile Grimlock got fed up of taking orders from Razorbeasts and decided to leave, the rest of the dinobots joining him. It is unknown where they went, however recent footage from tourists in Africa suggest that they may be spending their time in an old junkyard deep within the country.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • Thermo-sword - Swoop's thermo-sword is very similar to Grimlock's energo, however it is smaller the thinner and not as powerful and is best used for quick slashes.
  • Missile Launchers - Swoop has two missile launchers on his wings which he can use for bombing runs on enemies. The missile launchers are also able to fire beams of energy when they are out of missiles.
  • Transformation - Like all members of his race, Swoop is able to transform into a Pteranodon. In this mode he can fly faster