Svea Ren
"I want my kind to be powerful. I want them to be safe."

Other titles

  • Baroness
  • Queen of Clubs




Knights of Ren (Second-in-Command)






  • Expert Force abilities
  • Form IV Varja Combat

Baroness Svea Ren, referred to by the codename Queen of Clubs by Orb officials, is the second-in-command and in some ways co-founder of the Knights of Ren. During the Mandalorian Civil War, Svea was the first choice to lead the raid on X-COM headquarters due to her advanced capabilities with the Force and an unexplained animosity towards the Mandalorian Kingdom.

Known HistoryEdit

Svea's recorded history contains nothing of note until she joined the Sentinels, presumably for safety from prejudice against people like her. Despite being oriented towards the light side of the Force for over a decade, Svea has admitted after leaving to practicing forbidden abilities including Force Lightning and Choke during that time and years before.

After joining the Knights of Ren, Svea was not part of the raids on villages, acting more as a strategist and director of new recruits. She was the first to swear to abandon any terrorist activities when the Knights officially joined up with ADVENT, giving her an acceptable reputation with the Coalition and later the Orb Union.

During the Civil War, Svea started to become a more frontline soldier now that official personnel acted as commanders for the forces. At the start, she adopted a second Varja (darksaber) that she had set to a shorter length than her first due to the high amount of Mandalorian loyalists who would carry sabers of their own. The second saber was also extremely useful for deflecting shots or making up for her combat form's weaknesses against multiple opponents.

In the raid on X-COM headquarters, commonly seen as the last large engagement of the war, Svea led several platoons to the command room to retrieve incriminating evidence towards the project, the Mandalorian Kingdom, and even the Orb Union to a lesser degree. This earned Svea immense honors among the other Knights of Ren and the reputation of a war hero.

Some months after the end of the Civil War, Svea Ren acted as a member of the diplomatic party sent to the Orb Union to negotiate terms of ADVENT's recognition as a sovereign nation and merging with the Orb Union. Svea in particular was chosen as a representative of the Enhanced in the Mandalorian population due to her past, and cooperated well with Slade Wilson (who had spent much of his political career establishing havens and education centers for Enhanced individuals).