Svalinn Shield World


Fallout shelter, tertiary capital of the UEG

Date of completion

Estimated 2580 habitable, completion 2593


Half a metric fuckton

Svalinn Shield World as the name implies is a colony used as a massive fallout shelter in the event of the destruction of Earth or the fallback point for any colony that may come under attack. Entry into Svalinn is through the outer shell which can open up in multiple locations but only one entry is planned to be used for basic operation.  

With the semi-understanding of design seeds the UEG created a design seed which drained resources from nearby asteroids and lifeless planetary bodies for material, accomplishing what would have taken half a century to complete within two fifths of the time as well as the cost.


The Shield World consists of over 200 cities that can fit 20.7 Billion occupants, approximately half the population, each city separated by massive 2000 meter tall x 20 meter thick wall with a retractable roof made from a mix of Forruniam, Steel, Titanium and Charium. In addition to the walls is a city wide shield. All the cities can retract into the ground- all these measures are an attempt to minimize the possible effect of a NOVA bomb explosion on or near the Shield World even if that seems impossible and thought to not work. Entry past the outer shell is through 79 Orbital Elevators. Both the outside and inside are guarded by a "Maginot line" that can intercept unidentified ships in Fold/Slipspace/Dimension Ripper/FTL. Surrounding the colony is 50 asteroid like posts that ships are required to dock at to pass customs and also act as another line of defense.

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