Super Custom Zaku F2000




Custom Heavy Assualt Gunpla




17.8 Centimetres (17.8 meters in Gunpla Battle)


200.0 metric tons (In Gunpla Battle)


Refined Plastic

Developed From

MS-06F2 Zaku II F2 Type

 The Super Custom Zaku F2000 is a custom Gunpla built and operated by Lysander.

Technology and Combat Characteristics Edit

The Super Zaku Custom F2000 is considered a heavily armoured version of the HGUC Zaku II F2 Type, being equipped with moulded armour parts to increase it defensive capabilities. This however greatly reduced the suit's performance in space combat as the armour is heavy and sometimes unreliable in some situations. To compensate for the heavy equipment, additional boosters were equipped onto the mobile suit to make it a bit more mobile.

The suit is equipped with almost the same weaponry as the F2 Type, but only having different appearances than its predecessors. The Super Zaku Custom also has two extra arms located on the backpack to hold other weaponry.


  •  3-tube Missile Pod

Four of these are mounted on the Super Custom Zaku F-2000. Two are mounted on the right hand, while two are mounted on the hips

  • Super Custom MMP-78 120mm Machine Gun

Carried by a sub arm on this unit's backpack

  • Super Custom MMP-80 90mm Machine Gun'

Carried by a sub arm on this unit's backpack.

  • "Deadend G" Large Heat Hawk

A long heat hawk that is carried in both hands and used like a polearm. In the hands of a skilled pilot like Lysander it is capable of wreaking great havoc. It is the main weapon of the suit

  • Super Custom Hand Grenade
  • "Voltec Z" Machinegun

Mounted on the left hand of the suit. Uses the same drum magazines as the MMP-78 Machinegun.




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