M75A Body Armor
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Suleika is the replacement to the UNSC Armed Forces Battle Dress Uniform with the intent to provide sufficient protection to UNSC service members against weapons that were capable of serious injury and death that the older BDU could not protect against. It was formally adopted by the marines in 2575, the rest in 2579.

The frame of Suleika is made of composite Titanium A3 and ceramic that has been altered to provide some protection from plasma, but mostly against ballistics. Additional Kevlar, collar guards and protection for the extremities can be worn over the base armor. A undersuit must also be worn for full extra-vehicular activity and provides light protection against some sidearms.  

The helmet can provide basic tactical information, HuD, vital signs and VISR. In the original form Suleika, others cannot see the face. Newer variants appear similarly to the types used during the war but with a transparent visor. Provides 50 minutes of air without being used in conjunction with the undersuit.  

A low stength shield is provided, which can be adjusted to only protect one direction at a higher level. A wrist point defense gauntlet is also provided and can be linked together.  

The armor comes with two shields. One contact shield, appearing when a projectile/danger comes within 5 meters of the user and activated through a passive system. The second shield is a gauntlet. The gauntlet shield can link with multiple others to double strengths and form a link of shielding. 

An addition to the final mass variant is the inclusion of life support systems and minor enhancements to the wearer. Wounded soldiers will can be temporarily kept in battle with the inclusion of biofoam and medicial auto dispensers. Wearing the armor aleviates some burden of the various heavy equipment troops will carry and also provide a slight enhancement to physical strength and endurance. Other final improvements are a recycling system for water and a forerunner based method of sustaining troops in prolonged conditions without sleep or food.

Pilot VariantEdit

The UNSCN and UNSCAF use a specialized form of the Suleika which focuses more on orbital use cases. The flight suit is made with certain materials to lower the stresses of high G-forces. When the pilot flies a PASS equipped aerocraft they can endure 1-2n of sustained forces up to 29G.