Sukhoi "Comrade" Moskvin


Moscow, Russia




USSR, Exon


SGT. Major


6' 2"


237 lbs

Hair Color







Drinking, Boxing, Shooting,

Comrade MoskvinEdit

Nicknamed Moscow" or "Comrade" since his early days during the Human-Covenant war. He enlisted at an earlier age after lying at the age of 17, leaving his home in Siberia. He fought hard during the war and came back to nothing, giving him a certain disdain for government and raging inner self always burning for revenge like Exon itself. As part of what's called the "Old Breed" (what Exon soldiers call the original freedom fighters of Exon) Moskvin is aging and part of a dying breed but still possesses some of the most impressive skills for a non-enhanced human soldier. In fact he is enlisted in both the 3rd Shock Army to continue fighting for Exon as well as Project Apollo, where he is deployed with Sangheili and Spartan super soldiers, a call out to his skill. Moskvin prefers close quarters and combat.


Faced with either retiring due to him over serving the age limit in the Exon Red Army, Moskvin enrolled in Apollo. Immediatly scoring near top marks in the program, only overshadowed by the super soldier John S-117 (he states that if he was younger he would do better but nonetheless he was chosen for the program immediatly) he went on to become not only an instructor but a part time independant soldier, often going ahead of Apollo as a part of the so called "Pathfinders". The Pathfinders were created to seek out drop zones, guage enemy resistance, and sabotage enemy supply lines, not only would he do this but would also participate in the main opperation, unlike the others he pulls double time. He is one of Exon's true unsung heroes but his actions have caught the attention and hearts of millions on what is now his home planet, Exon.

Bad CompanyEdit

Moskvin was added into Bad Company during its earliest days and was the one and only marine to survive the first bug hunt for the company so in turn was added into many more. Although staying as a private because it is suspected that he murdered his commanding officer during the first hunt, so it was suspected that he'd never make good calls when the time matters. wip