Blake "Streak" Cravenger was a elite spec ops soldier of the SSF back before the SSF was destroyed. In his early days, he was a right hand man of Strider. He also had Striders trust. He was very loyal and very devout of the SSF. Blindly following all his orders to the letter. He was a dangerious man. Proficient in all weapons. Ranged and close range.  

Blake "Streak" Cravenger


Assumed to be 38


Human with cybernetic enhancements


Formally the SSF. Now assassin for hire

Political views

Stays out of politics and is off the radar


Streak was a sniper and part of a close knit group of special operations soldiers in the SSF. Strider went to them when he needed someone assassinated. Be it a legal offical or a opposing general. They were in and out before anyone could fathom what happened. Until 1 day a operation went wrong. Streak and his team was ambushed on a small installation on a planet. In the ambush, everyone was killed except for Streak. He was left for dead. He was shot multiple times in the chest cavity and other various parts of his body. Soon
Streak before the accident
after he was recovered by Strider who used the SSF's resources to rebuild Streak into a deadlier assassin. This made Streak angry. He wanted to die. He didnt want to be rebuilt. So one day on a operation to assassinate a high level offical, Streak bugged out and was never heard from again. Now he makes a living as a small time assassin. Living in the depths of Omega. Where the most dangerious assassins, criminals, and pirates alike roam. Now he barely speaks and when he does. He isnt exactly the nicest person to meet. He is haunted by the grief of his comrades and the hatred of Strider. He does not know of the SSF's destruction.


Streak is a talented marksman. Always hitting his mark. He is also profound in swordmanships and small arms. His armor is fitted in a similiar fashion to the late Strider. Except his is more oriented toward his sniping abilities. With Active camo, foot step muffling technology, and long ranged zoom in his visor. He also has increased speed and strength due to his cybernetic enhancements. His suit is fitted with EMP proof technology.

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