Steve with Sergei while he was on vacation.


American Crocodile


+2 feet






Sergei Korobov (owner)


10 lbs.

Rawr Edit

Steve is Sergei's pet crocodile that he somehow snuck onto the carrier. He is approximately 2 feet long and relatively territorial (as far as Sergei quarters are anyways he rarely leaves them. Steve is fed on mostly a diet of chicken stolen from the mess hall on the carrier. Steve enjoys Sergei's company as Sergei enjoys his. Although no one on the ship really knows of Sergei tends to show up places with little bite marks on his fingers. Sergei found Steve while he was on Earth during the ERA invasion and has somehow managed to be with him since (even while he was in the gulags).

Steve on Sergei's desk (sergei collected some pebbles and a stick)

Powers Edit

Intelligence - Steve somehow has basic problem solving skills and is oddly smart for a baby crocodile often playing and winning against Sergei in strip poker.

Croc Cam - Sergei has a tracker and camera in Steve enabling Sergei to have Steve covertly steal food during night times without the crew on the carrier knowing. 

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