Stella Bremer
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April 22nd, 2553




CMF Army


First Lieutenent

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Stella Bremer is a rising Mobile Suit Ace of the CMF Army. She demonstrates astonishing accuracy with her Havoc, and is on her way to be one of the best sharpshooters in the CMF. She has been handpicked to be involved with certain projects concerning the GNX/F-471, and has shown great leadership skills in her work within her test flight. She carried these skills over to her operation of the GNX/F-501 Delta Dagger, where she remains one of the CMF's top pilots in regards to the Heavy Attackers.


While she was still relatively new to the CMF Military, Stella's amazing sharpshooting skills caught the attention of HIGHCOM. She was handpicked to participate in the Over The Horizon Project, which involved only a handful of the CMF's top GNX/F sharpshooters and aces.


  • GNX/F-501 Delta Dagger: The main combat Mobile Suit of the CMF Army and Navy. This is currently the CMF's most advanced MS and is given only to pilots with remarkable skill.
  • Over The Horizon Cannon: The main test subject of the Over The Horizon Project, Stella utilizes a gargantuan prototype sniper cannon that fires a 1200mm round, with the ability to provide support for friendly forces over extreme distances, and with amazing power. Unsuited for CQC however, this weapon requires a large amount of patience to wield effectively, and is very large and heavy.