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Dragunov Sniper Rifle

Cheeki Breeki Edit

Stalker is the nickname of a legendary criminal underground mercenary. Although complete origins are unknown, Stalker is believed to have come from Exon or one of its outlying colonies, as he normally also takes jobs from there. Little else is known about Stalker except that his marksmanship is exemplary. As Stalker is just human his strength is that of a normal man but has been known to take out targets over three times his size with an unknown usage of martial arts.

Jobs Edit

Stalker is known for taking jobs in Exon quarantine zones, which is always known for harboring different types of monsters. He goes in looking for the technology or belongings (Some reports indicate that he has went into quarantine zones looking for personal belongings of random civilians such as lockets) that he is sent for. Although it is not clear how Stalker is hired, or even how much he works for in that matter (or even where he'll be) it is indicated from civilian spotting that if the cause is just, he'll work for almost free. Collecting odd assortments of trinkets, such as spoons or socks. Again, it is unclear of how he even manages to get to his jobs, but he has been known to conduct them in a timely manner.


He is a very quiet, underspoken individual. Going to lengths of usually not responding when he's spoken to. This leaves his further personality a mystery. The KGB is trying to track him down, but it seems that he won't take criminal contracts of just killing random people of enemy gangs. He has been known to do that between jobs without any gifted cans of beans.

Equipment Edit

SVD Dragunov (7.62 x 54r) - An extremely old rifle at this point, although its unclear how he got it from UEG territories, he definatley knows how to use it.

AK-74m (5.45 x 39)

Suspected Military Experience - He is an excellant marksman

Scavanged Gear - He uses weapons that are considered almost relics at this point.

Gas Mask - Its unclear what his face actually looks like.

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