Space Pirates
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Species Name



Space Pirates, Zebsians


Space Pirate Home World (actually name unknown)

Controlled Worlds

Zebes, Naishii, Jigrad, SR388, Tallon IV


8-10 ft tall

Known Diet

Omnivores (sometimes cannibalistic)


  • Mother Brain
  • Ridley
  • Kraid
  • Phantoon

The Space Pirates, not to be confused with the occupation, are a collective race who are lead by individuals of multiple races. Originally far cut off from the other factions in the galaxy, such as the Covenant and the UNSC, the Space Pirates would become known as a galactic menace with the arrival of the UCR. As the UCR began to expand into Primeverse, they would begin to colonise and take over Space Pirate controlled worlds, which would cause conflict. Now known to the galaxy, the Space Pirates quickly established themselves as a fearsome force.


Physiology Edit

Space Pirates are bipeds that posses an exoskeleton similar to arthropods. Although they are tall creatures, they tend to assume a hunched posture. Pirates also varyingly posses either lobster-like claws, or in some cases, long scythe like appendages. As well they tend to have single toed feet, however some are known to be born with two or three toes. The outer shell of a Space Pirate can vary widely in colour, texture and pattern, this normally indicates which planet the creature was from, and what habitat they lived in.

Much like any sentient species in the galaxy, Space Pirates have sometimes been born Enhanced. However when this happens, the genes of said Space Pirate is developed and spread as much as possible in attempts to create better soldiers. This method has allowed for some Space Pirates to have a range of abilities, such having the power to shoot beams from their eyes, teleporting, natural beam generation and telepathy.





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