Space Dynamics is a manufacturing company that manufactures weapons, cars, space fighters, space cruisers and various other goods. They are also a research division for The Cornerian Military. They are very advanced and are known for pioneering Gravity propulsion. They are constantly either manufacuring goods for the nation or researching for new weapons. They have a headquarters on the Cornerian planet and many manufacturing complexes dotted through the Nations territory.

Space Dynamics
Space Dynamics


Beltino Papet, Mark D Cortez, Alex Bishop

Building Locations and headquarters

Corneria, multiple moons and colony planets

Sub Divisions

Space Dynamics Aerospace

Space Dynamics Land Tech Division

Space Dynamics Weapon Division

Space Dyanmics Mobile Suit Division

Space Dynamics Civilian production

Famous featsEdit

  • Creation of the Arwing
  • Designing of the Navy fleet
  • Designing of the Orbital jump gates
  • Creation of the Gravity Propulsion theory and engines


  • Tactical Frames = Prototype phase
  • Arwing Advancement project = Prototype phase
  • More efficent gravity engines = Drawing board
  • Orbital bombardment cannons to be fitted to dreadnaught battle ships = Manufacturing phase
  • More pracitical orbiting hotels so the less wealthy can afford it = Manufacturing phase
  • Building new MBT's = Manufacturing phase
  • Super soldier program = Research and production phase


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