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Sotophirus was the leader of the Hand of Tonitrui, a Covenant Remnant faction. A very powerful Jiralhanae and feared leader before and after the Covenant, his reign of terror struck power in the hearts of many Jiralhanae until his fall at the hands of the Sangheili Headhunter.

Physical Description and PersonalityEdit

Standing at 8'11 and weighing in at 610 kg, Sotophirus was a Jiralhanae of slightly larger than average build. Experience left its mark on him, though he held plenty of power even into his final days. Like most Jiralhanae, Sotophirus was physically stronger than most standard races such as the Sangheili. However, due to his special training under Tartarus himself, and later with enhancments provided by the Covenant as well as the ONI Sleeper Cells, Sotophirus became a force to be reckoned with. No Spartan or Sangheili of his time could parallel his strength or durability.

Inspiring fear and respect out of his peers, and known for his aggressive brutality, Sotophirus possessed a fierce determination to crush his enemies, no matter the cost. Despite his ferocity, Sotophirus was well trained in tactics and was quite intelligent, able to use his mind just as well as his body.

Sotophirus 1

A Recon team's visual of Sotophirus; they did not last 12 seconds longer.

Combat knowledgeEdit

Sotophirus held so much battle experience, he could typically use any weapon he could get a hold of with skill comparable to that of a seasoned trainer. Obviously an expert in Jiralhanae weaponry, Sotophirus also had high skills in Plasma weapons that the rest of the covenant used, and even trained on his own with Human weapons. Additionally, some practice with Forerunner technology enabled him to utilize their advanced weapons with reasonable ease.

Sotophirus 2

A possible image of Sotophirus engaging the Arbiter on the Ark; it is unknown that if this is true, that if he survived.


Early historyEdit

Sotophirus was born on Doisac, the Jiralhanae homeworld. His father, a Captain in the Covenant empire, helped in Sotophirus in being well conditioned and well trained while he was growing up. When Sotophirus came of age, he was drawn into the Covenant empire just in time for conflicts with humanity to start.

Harvest CampaignEdit

His first ship to serve on was Rapid Conversion, Maccabeus's cruiser which participated in the first battle of Harvest. Here, Sotophirus was merely a Minor, and spent much of his time aboard the ship doing details. During his few times he was sent to the surface, he proved to have potential as a great warrior during the early skirmishes with the UNSC and was made into full combat service.

Surviving all the way through the first battle of Harvest, Sotophirus achieved the rank of Major through accumulated kills of soldiers on the field. He demonstrated an odd disregard for care of his Covenant Carbine which he used throughout the battle, though he made up in his versatility in its use and his seemless handling of the weapon.

Sotophirus, despite his strong desire to attend as a witness, was unable to watch the battle between Maccabeus and Tartarus, which ended in Tartarus's victory and his subsequent command over Rapid Conversion and Covenant forces through the battle. Sotophirus fought all the way to the end of the battle, which resulted in the Glassing of Harvest.

When the UNSC returned to Harvest to try to take it back, they came strong and fast, gaining a powerful advantage over the Covenant quickly. However, the Covenant retaliated with similar ferocity, and delt the humans a series of losses. During this retaliation, Sotophirus was transferred to the Jiralhanae Army Commander's unit, where he served in a more active role amongst a full ground assault.

Sotophirus rose through the ranks, becoming an Ultra by the end of his time on Harvest. He gained plenty of opportunities to train in battle with various weapons, including Spikers and Brute shots, the latter of which he began to use quite frequently and started carrying around one particular grenade launcher.  Starting in the 4th year, Sotophirus met his end in the Harvest campaign with serious injury; while battling an armored UNSC force and clearing a path for a convoy of Wraiths, he was caught in a Shortsword bombing run, not hit directly but wounded too badly to continue the fight. He was pulled out and tended to aboard a vessel transporting those still alive from grievous wounds to Covenant space.

Human-Covenant WarEdit

After the battle of Shield World 0459 which saw the death of Arbiter Ripa Moramee, Sotophirus recovered from his injuries enough that his persistance to be allowed back into active combat was allowed. He participated in a few other battles, demonstrating strong leadership ability and being promoted to Captain. Sotophirus would then receive special training from Tartarus, who recognized the Jiralhanae from Harvest; here, Sotophirus would come to respect Tartarus greatly, believing him to be the mightiest of their race and worthy of Chieftain of the Jiralhanae.

A few of the Covenant leadership noted the success of the Spartan program, and began to consider their imitative ways to produce better success on ground assaults. Despite their typical tactic of pulling back in space and overwhelming the humans, and the heretical notion of copying Humanity's augmentation, a few San'Shyuum Ministers would secretly develop their answer to the Spartan Porgram.

During the battle the Rubble, Sotophirus became integrated in this secret movement to counter the Spartans; he was among a few Jiralhanae and several Sangheili to be pulled for this program. The enhancments would consist of chemicals to strengthen muscles, reinforce bone, increase reaction ability and allow for a berserk temporary boost. The result of the augmentation were not projected to super enhance the subjects quite like the Spartan program had since the Sangheili and Jiralhanae already held a slight advantage over them in natural ability; this allowed for 100% survival, though a few of them were hospitalized to take extra time to adjust, since there was a significant chance of obtaining damage to the body from the chemicals.

Sotophirus rose to great power due to his enhancements, proving himself incredibly ferocious; he slew a few Spartan-IIIs on multiple battles. During one engagement with the UNSC, he got extremely lucky and had the chance to claim the life of a Spartan-II; sneaking up upon Linda-058 while she was sniping covenant targets. However, he only managed to injure her, being ambushed by a Marine fireteam before being able to kill her, allowing the Spartan to slip away; she then dealt him a tremendous injury from a distance, but left the battle before she could finish him off.

Knowing he could have killed the Spartan if he only was stronger, Sotophirus went on an immense rampage, tearing apart several Unggoy until he was subdued by Sangheili Spec Ops. He quickly recovered from his injuries attained by the Spartan and the Spec Ops, and returned to combat.

Operation: FIRST STRIKEEdit

Sotophirus was ultimately assigned to the Unyielding Hierophant, and was present during Operation: FIRST STRIKE. Here, he lead several Brutes, Jackals and Grunts, even a Hunter pair, in an attempt to kill the Spartan-II's on board. They eluded his attempts, and managed to rig the station to blow and escape. Sotophirus, proud of his recently acquired piloting skill, decided to pursue in a Seraph fighter, and therefore escaped the destruction of the station and the majority of the Covenant fleet there. He decided to retreat, and was picked up by one of the remaining ships before it made for High Charity.

He was ultimately subjected to an experimental procedure to further enhance his abilities, using ONI Sleeper Cells secretly acquired by the Covenant. A handful of other Jiralhanae and Sangheili were also subjected to this; the results were 3 Sangheili and Sotophirus being the only survivors.

Sotophirus secretly killed 2 of the 3 Sangheili on his own as a test of his new power; however, the final Sangheili eluded him, and was not seen again until after the war.

Great SchismEdit

Sotophirus participated in the Battle of Earth, though operated as a defensive unit and did not see direct combat. He was pulled back to Solemn Penance, The Prophet of Regret's Assault Carrier, and went with it to Installation 05. Sotophirus reluctantly followed orders to not go aboard one of the many Phantoms being sent to the Temple in defense of the Prophet, who was engaged in battle by the Master Chief; ultimately the Prophet was killed due to the Spartan's skill, though the blame was placed on the Sangheili Honor Guard.

Sotophirus gained a rise in power due to the changing of the guard, which saw the ascencion of the Jiralhanae over the Sangheili. He was assigned to Tartarus's unit, serving his respected Chieftain on the surface of Delta Halo initially against the Flood, then against the Sangheili upon the Prophet of Truth's order to kill the Councilors.

Sotophirus was ferocious, managing to kill 3 Councilors; he engaged one of them in single combat, at a disadvantage due to the aid of 3 Zealots. His enhancements allowed him not only to survive, but win the battles farely unscratched. Despite this, he was unable to protect his Chieftain, who fell in battle against the Arbiter Thel Vadam. Sotophirus retreated along with the remainder of the Jiralhanae under Truth's command to resume the battle of Earth. Sotophirus was promoted to Captain Major.

The ArkEdit

Sotophirus acquired Power armor from Truth's rearmament of the Covenant forces shortly before he was deployed in the jungles of Kenya, battling against the ground forces of the UNSC. Despite the home advantage, Marine forces were no match against Sotophirus; even when legions of his troops fell, Sotophirus remained alive and intact, gaining promotions faster than before. By the time he entered the portal to the Ark along with the remaining Covenant Loyalists, he was made into a Chieftain.

Sotophirus proved a great mind in battle tactics, arranging for initial setbacks that the UNSC and Covenant Separatists had to counter. Due to his participation on the ground, he did not perish during the battles in space which consumed several of Truth's ships.

On the surface of the Ark, Sotophirus and his pack encountered the Aribter Thel Vadam and several Sangheili. Enraged to see his leader's killer, Sotophirus entered a berserk almost immediately and attempted to slaughter the Arbiter; despite his power, the Arbiter's experience and skill was too much, and Sotophirus was seriously wounded. Unable to participate in combat anymore, and crippled from the wound he received from the Arbiter's energy sword, Sotophirus was withdrawn to one of the last surviving Loyalist ships. Upon the assassination of the Prophet of Truth, the few Loyalist ships, damaged and filled with wounded soldiers, fled the Ark and vanished from the UNSC.

Post WarEdit

Due to his enhancements, Sotophirus recovered fully from his injuries which were projected to restrain him to a handicapped lifestyle. Sotophirus acquired leadership of the ship he was aboard upon killing the War Chieftain in charge; claiming himself a new higher power, Sotophirus directed the vessel back to Doisac, where he would forge one of the Covenant Remnant factions.

Upon arrival at Doisac, Sotophirus contacted several Clan leaders and revealed his plan to organize a faction to annihilate the humans where the Covenant had failed; when he was challenged by them, and attacked by one of the clan leaders, Sotophirus simply ripped his arm off, beat him into submission and knocked him unconscious with his arm. Sotophirus used this act to convince the clan leaders their support. Though Sotophirus was not made a clan leader himself, he was granted great resources and multiple Jiralhanae to do his work. Sotophirus gained leadership of the Hand of Tonitrui, an elite group of Brutes formerly under Tartarus that Sotophirus was a part of.

After this, he took upon himself the Tonitrui Knuckle, a very powerful Gravity Hammer, and constructed himself a super-enhancing suit of power armor from the remains of the armor worn by the War Chieftain he killed. He donned this armor during his days as leader of the Hand of Tonitrui. He also modified his personal Brute Shot to allow for collapsability inside his armor, enhancing its firepower as well.


Sotophirus 3

Sotophirus in the present day

Sotophirus, however being trained in multiple different kinds of weapons, prefers to utilize only Jiralhanae technology, and strictly forbids other Jiralhanae in his pack from doing otherwise.

Sotophirus' Power armor is the most powerful variant ever made to be used by the Jiralhanae. This Armor is equipped with 4x Energy shields and is not only made of an extremely durable material, but is powered by a small generator in the back and several energy lines along the armor, further boosting his already augmented strength and speed. He is able to dual wield Support weaponry as heavy as the UNSC Missile Pod without his armor.

Sotophirus was a grand leader of his pack. The latest rank he was confirmed attaining was one of the highest for the standard Covenant army's Brutes, Chieftain. However, it is believed he was higher in rank than other Chieftains. He was allowed to carry an exceptionally powerful Gravity Hammer, a legendary weapon referred to as "Tonitrui Knuckle." He also wields a modified, collapsable Brute shot in his armor, a weapon of devastating power.

The armor Sotophirus wears also has an advanced form of the Invincibility equipment seen during the battle of the Ark; The energy shields glow brightly white and are capable of taking almost any form and quantity of damage. When utilizing his Sleeper cells, and combining all the power in his hammer and his armor, he is capable of generating a Bubble-shield-like defense that can withstand a Direct hit from a MAC cannon; this truly is a formidible defense, although it drains a tremendous amount of power and can only be used for a total duration of 2 minutes per day.

He is escorted at all times by his own pack of well-trained Jiralhanae that he himself trained since they were children. They are one of the most formidable guardsmen ever employed in the Covenant empire. They are seen utilizing equipment from the Airborne, Stalker, or High-rank heavy Jiralhanae equipment.

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