"Did you know my blood is black too, Brother dearest?"-Sookie to her eldest brother after he went into insanity.

Sookie Shatie
Sookie Shatie


Helenna A114


Sookie Shatie (Moon Light)


Great Sword Master


May 31



Home town:

Death City, Nevada






102 lbs

Hair & eye color:

Blonde & Blue

Sookie Shatie:Edit

Sookie is a 13 year old Sword Meister at the DWMA (Death Weapon Meister Acadamy), her Weapon is Knight, who is much bigger then herself. Sookie is quite shy, she hardly talks, and prefers to be by herself. her parents are hardly home, and her siblings always keep themselves busy, she normaly is by herself (as sher prefers) for the time she is home. her home is on the very ouskirts of Death city, and is fiarly large.


Sookie the youngest child of the Shtatie Family. she has 5 older Brother's and one older Sister. her siblings are (from oldest to youngest, YO stands for Years Old)

  • Fasay "火災" ("Fire" her elder brother 21 YO)
  • Noday "のレイ" ("Ray of" her elder sister, twin of Fasay, 21 YO)
  • Sigho "太陽" ("Sun" her second elder brother, 18 YO)
  • Bocheta "落ちる" ("Fall" her 3ed elder brother, 17 YO)
  • Natsue "夏" ("Summer" her 4th eldert brother, 16 YO)
  • Ugoday "夕暮れ" ("Dusk" her 5th elder brother, 14 YO)

her mother before any of her children where born got cut and some black blood entered her body, there for, all of Sookie's siblings and herself have black blood. Sookie is one of the few people who can jump in and out of 'insanity'.


Sookie was entered the DWMA at 13, the same age as the rest of her siblings.

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