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Rose Ardlen, Dr Alfred Moore

Songbird is a character in the Steampunk universe and is the creation of Dr Alfred Moore.

Personality Edit

Songbird goes through many mood shifts indicated by his changing eye colour these being: Green eyes indicate friendliness towards a person, most namely Rose; yellow indicates awareness but indifference to his surroudings; and red indicates heavy hostility, chiefly towards anyone trying to harm Rose. 


Songbird was created to be a weapon by ONI but due to its agressiveness it had to be locked up. Dr Moore , however found the solution, if he can mentally sync up someones mind with the Songbird then it would be less agressive and more controlable. However all subjects for the syncing died during surgary and this led Dr Moore to take drastic measure. He sent teams out to kidnap children thinking that there younger minds would be for accepting of the implants needed for syncing, sadly this did not work ether not until Rose Ardlen was captured. She maneged to survive surgary and was successfully synced with Songbird.

When Rose was being taken away for testing Songbird freaked out and destroyed his cage and killed the men trying to take her. The two then tried to escape the facility but were stopped by Dr Moore who used the "whistler" to cause Songbird to submit and return.

Weaponry and Abilities Edit

Songbird's only weapons are the metal talons mounted on its feet and knuckles, but its immense size, strength and speed allow it to effortlessly obliterate vehicles, structures and people. Despite his size Songbird is a very fast flyer and can easily out speed any other flying vehicles.

Weakness Edit

Songbird is very sensitive to pressure and can even die if under water for too long. Also Songbird can be sent into a frenzy when a device called the whistler is used on him this causes him great pain when ever it is used.