Song of Retribution


CAS-class assault carrier




  • Length; 5,347 m
  • Width; 2,118 m
  • Height; 746 m


Repulsor engines


Nanolaminate plating





  • Covenant (formerly)
  • Covenant Remnant (formerly)
  • UNSC Navy (Present)
The Song of Retribution (UNSC Harvest) is a Former CAS class assault carrier, originally used by the Covenant Remnant and flagship of Jul M'dama. Under M'damas usage, the Retribution participated in battles such as Requiem and the wild goose chase for the Janus Key. It was captured by UNSC Special forces team, Horsemen.

UNSC ServiceEdit

The carrier was brought to Concord to destroy any enemy trackers and then sent to Mars where any valuable data was collected. It was toured around from August 2577 to November 2577 as a war trophy. For six months a crew was trained to use the captured CAS-class carrier. With Exons help, the CAS was converted into an upgraded into a Soyuz-class Battlecruiser type C. These upgrades made the base ship better protection from anti-ship weapons and more room for fighters. Unfortunately the Harvest would need many more months before she was ready with UEG standard weapons as the Armiger defensive armament had to be removed.

Finally in 2580, the Harvest was ready to deploy in her bright UN blue livery as a UEG peacekeeping vessel.


  • Two Super MAC - Mounted on the nose, these two cannons provide a swift and sure doom for any ship caught in front of her sight.
  • TRIDENT Defense System -
  • Two energy projectors - A pair of dorsal energy projectors formerly used to erradicate human colonies, currently not active due to treaty limitations.

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