Sombra's avatar

Real Name







Mexican (speculated)


Hacker, Information Broker

A notorious galactic-wide hacker and information broker for criminal organisations, be them traditional or Enhanced, they are known only by their screen name, Sombra.


Not much is known about Sombra, however what one can gleam from their few messages left behind is this: They are extremely intelligent and yet, playful. They are known for leaving encrypted messages within the code of things they hacked, often making fun of its lousy defenses and asking for greater challenges. Going of their alias, as well as a few select phrases in their messages, one can assume they are of Mexican decent.


Sombra first emerged in the year 2579, or at least, that is the first time the user used that alias, and made their mark by hacking into the UEG International Police Departments criminal databanks, leaking the files of several high ranking UEG officials while wiping many petty ones from the system.

Soon after, determined to follow up their first hit, Sombra then leaked the bank information of Steven Kinney, one of Ultratech head CEO's.

After their initial depute, Sombra name has become wide spread among hacker groups and the criminal underground. Acting as an information broker, Sombra has ties to multiple high class criminals and gangs, namely the Eclipse.

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